Make your apartment pet-friendly

How to make your apartment pet-friendly

If you are reading this article, you probably are planning to get a pet, or you are moving to a new home with your furry friend. You have probably moved before. However, now your relocation may be different. Relocating to a new home with your pet will require you to prepare the space for your small friend. Use our guide and make your apartment pet-friendly with ease.

Moving to a new home with a pet

Moving your home belongings to a new location may be hard without having to worry about your furry friend. When relocating to a long distance location, it may be hard to transport your pet on your own. Reliable long distance movers NYC can help organize your relocation. They can help you prepare your belongings for transport and pack everything for you. On the other hand, quality moving companies offer numerous relocation services. In most cases, reliable movers can organize transportation for your furry friend too.

Prepare your home for a new pet and cover your furniture.

Before moving into a new home, you will try to make your apartment pet-friendly. After your apartment is ready for your new friend, quality pet moving services NYC will bring your pet. Professionals advise using a reliable pet relocation service to move your furry friend to a long distance location. In case your pet is not small in size, and you are not able to carry him with you on a plane, you should entrust your pet to a professional moving company.

How to make your apartment pet-friendly?

Before your furry friends arrive at your new home, it is important you make your apartment pet-friendly. There are a few very effective ways to ensure your pet enjoys your new home as much as you do. Keep reading and find out more about dog-friendly apartment hacks and make your apartment pet- friendly and comfortable.

Avoid choosing expensive materials for furniture. Dogs and cats scratch furniture, and it is not much you can do about it. That is why you should consider avoiding buying expensive furniture pieces and pieces that have quality wood or shiny leather. Even if you decide to buy valuable furniture pieces with a cat or dog around, you should consider getting specific fabric covers. If you do, you will provide at least one layer of protection for your expensive furniture. When you do, make sure that you can wash them more than once using your washing machine.

Your pet will rest on your sofa or jump on a table. That is why you should also consider getting cheaper furniture pieces that you cannot cover using covers. While you make apartment pet-friendly, keep in mind that most of your home hard materials and surfaces can become scratching posts.

In your new home pets choose the colors

People that have pets in homes usually worry about dog and cat hair that stays on clothes and furniture. Having pet hair all over the apartment is evitable. However, if you decide to make your apartment pet-friendly, it is advisable that you choose the color of your furniture carefully. If you march your carpets and furniture pieces. Choose light colors for your furniture; you will spend less time worrying about how many dogs or cat hair show all the time.

Your pet will find his own spot in your new home

When trying to make your apartment pet-friendly, you will buy him appropriate toys and bowls that match your home style. That is one of those great pleasures many pet owners enjoy. You shouldn’t miss on finding the perfect pet accessories for your furry friend. However, there is something you may not be able to choose – please where your pet decides to sleep.

After your pet chooses a favorite spot in your home, put his pillow in that area.

Keep in mind that you may choose the best bed for your furry friend, but he will ignore it if it is not placed in his favorite corner. But, after your pet adjusts to a new home and you learn his favorite spots, it will be easy to find a perfect place and blend your dog or cat pillow with the area.

Use child locks

Most of our furry friends love to grab food whenever they can. That is why you should consider using child locks. They will help you keep your nosy small friends away from cabinets with food while you are away. On the other hand, this way you will make your apartment pet-friendly and still feel more secure in case you have small children at home as well.

Challenge your pet

While you are away at work, your pet will need to entertain also. In most cases, your pet will sleep while you are away. However, that is not always the case. That is why you should make your apartment pet-friendly and provide your furry friend with toys that will challenge his mind and keep him occupied. Make sure to buy toys with smells and squeaky things inside. These toys are usually the most interesting for your pet.

Challenge your small furry friend and find toys that will keep him occupied while you are away.

Stay creative and recycle

If moving to a New York City, you will probably try to save money as much as you can. Especially if you are buying a home in NYC when moving with your pet, you will make your apartment pet-friendly and prepare the space for your small friend. You can get creative and use old items as toys. On the other hand, you can always turn an old blanket into a perfect pillow cover for your pet. With just a little bit of free time, you will turn your home into a pet-friendly environment and still create the space you enjoy. In the end, keep in mind that your small furry friend will take time adjusting to a new home the same way you will.