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How to maintain security during a move

Moving to a new place takes so much more than simply transporting your belongings. Whether you are moving to your dream home, transferring or expanding your business or moving to a college campus, you need to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. In order to do that you also need to ensure security for everyone involved and your items. With so many moving service NYC companies and ways to arrange and execute a move, you should research to find what’s the easiest way for you. What we offer you here is a guide to maintain security during a move. Read on to find out everything about how you can arrange great safety while moving.

Create an inventory list if you want to have a chance to maintain security during a move

There are several ways that will help you maintain security during a move. One of them is a detailed inventory list. Not only will an inventory help you not forget anything. It will ensure you have a system for unpacking after relocating. If you want to maintain security during a move, you’ll have to create a detailed inventory list.

However, that isn’t as easy as it sounds

No matter how long you have been living in your home, or how big it is, chances are you own a lot of stuff! On top of that, you probably have a lot of unnecessary and unused items. Most likely you had forgotten you even owned them! Since you will be writing all of them down, this is a tedious task. Consider having professional help to do this. You’ll still have to oversee the process, but your reliable, yet cheap movers have an efficient system for making inventories. They also have a professional eye that knows how to categorize items for quicker packing. Because this is a giant and overwhelming project, you should de-clutter your home before moving. You’ll have fewer boxes to move, and keeping track of all of them will be easier.

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Don’t a spare time while searching for reputable movers. Be extra cautious when hiring. Bad moving companies could put your belongings in danger, or even lose some of them.

Here are some suggestions for making an inventory list:

1. Start calculating your inventory on time

If you start preparing for your move on time, you can declutter and choose which items you want to haul, sell, donate or toss. By getting rid of some of the items before the moving day, you’ll save more money you can put towards your relocation budget.

2. Declutter your home and sort out your belongings into categories

Decluttering your home during the packing process is a good way to save money. On one hand, you will have fewer things to transport. And on the other – you will get rid of things that are hazardous and cannot be transported. Also, moving fewer boxes will save you money on moving services.

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Note that when you decide to hire a professional packing company, you’ll be able to keep track your inventory in a much simpler and effective way.

3. Getting a precise estimate is a great way to maintain security during a move

Contact several moving companies before you decide on whose services to use. Comparing their estimates should play a big part in your decision-making process. The companies should be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of your moving costs. For example, with your trusted NoHo movers you won’t have any hidden costs and an unexpected final price on your bill. Before signing the contract with movers, you should make sure your movers will monitor your entire inventory. This is a crucial method that will help you maintain security during a move.

Hiring a reliable moving company is the guaranteed way to maintain security during a move

Probably one of the easiest ways to survive a relocation in one piece is to hire a professional moving company. After you do some thorough research and you choose your reliable moving company, then you most probably won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. Your relocation will be in good hands! And if you are wondering how you can make sure you’re dealing with pros, we recommend you to read more from the dynamic mover’s blog, because it holds golden tips on everything moving related.

If you are not sure that you have to hire professional movers in order to maintain security during a move, we’ll tell you exactly why it is a good idea. By hiring experienced and reliable movers to handle your moving boxes, you automatically avoid many moving troubles. You are ensuring you won’t fall in any moving traps, such are scams performed by fraudulent companies, injuries, hidden costs that a DIY move throws at you unexpectedly. A good moving company will pack your whole household properly and secure your entire inventory during the move.

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Change the locks of your new property. Install a security system if there isn’t one already. Be creative if, by any chance, you have to hide the keys to your home. Don’t just put them under the doormat.

Avoid moving scams and maintain security during a move

Speaking of fraudulent movers, not every relocation goes without mishaps and troubles. More often than not, people stumble upon fraudulent movers without proper research and they don’t notice on time. If you want to make sure you avoid moving scams and maintain security during a move, you should invest time in finding reputable and licensed movers. Here are some important things you should pay attention to:

  • The simplest way to check if a company is reliable is to check if they have a USDOT license number. Every licensed moving company must have one and they are obliged to give you their number when you request it. Furthermore, the number should be properly displayed on their moving truck and their website. If for some reason their license number doesn’t check out, you’re most probably dealing with scammers.
  • Reading reviews is another way you can investigate a company. Checking what other people have said about their experience with the company is a good method if you want to maintain security during a move. There are great review websites like My Moving Reviews which provide license information for companies along with legit customer reviews.