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How to handle disputes with movers

Moving is a complicated process. Anything can happen during packing or transport. You have to consider the human factor as well. Although they are professionals, movers are humans so they are bound to make a mistake. This can lead to your displeasure with their services. If this is the case, then you should know how to handle disputes with movers. It is important to remember how to stay calm and collected when dealing with this sensitive situation. 

Know how to hire a good moving company 

In order to avoid completely handling disputes with movers, you should hire a good moving company. For this reason, it is extremely important to pay attention to moving reviews and rates when considering possible candidates. If you see generally positive reviews, then you can safely assume you will not need to handle disputes with movers. Just search on the Internemoving service NYC for example, to see what will come up. In addition to this, make sure to schedule an appointment and in-house survey. This will give you a good sense of what to expect. However, as previously stated, even the best professionals can make a mistake, but still, it is better to choose the best possible moving company. 

Check your moving contract before trying to handle disputes with movers 

Before signing a moving contract, you should read it very carefully. See if you understand every point listed on it. If not, then ask movers to clarify. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to handling possible future disputes with movers. If you do not read thoroughly your moving contract, you might miss some key points. Because of these points, you might lose your chance to claim your insurance. When something does happen, go and read the contract again to see if you have grounds to file a complaint. Every company has its own specific way of dealing with customers’ complaints. However, their policies regarding this topic should be clearly stated in your contract. Nomad moving company certainly has a straightforward moving contract, for example. 

a person signing documents
Be careful when you sign documents

The importance of your moving contract part II 

If you see that some of your items got damaged or lost during the relocation, check the contract. You should be able to find instructions there on how to handle this situation. Mostly, they follow the same pattern. You have a certain period of time to notify your moving company in order to file a complaint. Usually, you will have about nine months after the delivery to check if something is missing. In addition to this, your contract might include information about the amount of money you can get from your claim. The bottom line, your contract serves as your proof if something goes wrong. For this reason, get yourself familiar with all its aspects and do not lose it somewhere. 

Be friendly when you need to handle disputes with movers 

It is important to stay calm before you go to handle disputes with movers. No one likes rude people who barge in demanding their rights. Even if your items are damaged, and you have every right to complain, you have to friendly. People react better when their customers are polite and show that they have manners. Movers will be more open to accepting your claim if you just nicely explain your problem. That is the best advice one can give you when you need to handle disputes with movers, you need to be polite and calm, but at the same time firm. However, do not let movers get away without paying the insurance just because you seem nice and friendly. 

don't get angry when you need to handle disputes with movers
Do not lose your composure when dealing with movers

Letter of a complaint 

If you believe some of your items are damaged, and you should receive compensation, then it is time to write a complaint letter. You should clearly say that the company failed to do what they promised which is stated in the contract. In addition to this, you need to be brief and as accurate as possible, try not to go overboard with the explanation. This will make your letter to sound more serious. Do not forget to be polite but firm in asking for your rights. However, if you deal with rude movers who declined your complaint, then seek help. In any case, you should know how to maintain security during the relocation so this will not happen.

File a claim 

Sometimes you cannot easily handle disputes with movers. In that case, you should know how to file a claim. Here is some important information regarding the claim. 

  • Check if your moving company is a member of the AMSA, or American Moving and Storage Association. If they are, then you can contact this association directly and they will handle your dispute. 
  • If your relocation is an interstate one, then you can file a claim with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They will listen to your situation and decide on the best way to deal with your dispute. 
  • On the other hand, if your move is local, then contact the state regulatory agency. 
  • Last option is with the Better Business Bureau as they will send your claim to the moving company. The company will have two weeks to respond. Usually, claims get resolved within 30 business days. 

Be patient  

This whole process can be quite exhausting. The move on itself is stressful enough without adding a dispute with movers to the situation. For this reason, you should mentally prepare yourself for dealing with disputes. It will not do any good if you overreact and lose your patience along the way. You need to be calm when moving and dealing with this delicate problem. Ask for help if you think you will not be able to handle disputes with movers on your own. 

a man holding his head worringly
Try to remain calm

How to handle disputes with movers 

As you can, even professionals can make mistakes. It happens, but that does not mean you should be rude. Remember to stay calm, be positive and friendly but at the same time firm when dealing with disputes.