How to file a claim against a moving company

Moving is a period packed with tension, big decisions and characterized by fast-paced lifestyle. There is so much to do, and we usually don’t have enough time. Most relocations are work-based which means we have to move on short notice. Likewise, people move for other reasons such as marriage, retirement, weather or the simple urge for a change of the environment. Whatever is the reason behind the decision to move, one thing is certain: In order to move, you will probably need to secure at least one moving service NYC. Usually that service is the transportation of your belongings, but moving companies offer a wide array of other services like packing, commercial moving, storage services, and so on. Henceforth, hiring professional assistance is a smart idea, as it will help you guard your sanity during these turbulent times. But what if something goes wrong? How to file a claim against a moving company? To find out, stay with us.

Avoid this scenario by hiring reputable movers

Given that relocation is an important life event, you should do your research and hire a reputable moving company. The easiest solution is to ask your friends who recently moved for advice. However, if they don’t know, you should do an online research. Read the reviews posted by customers and scroll down their gallery with photos from previous jobs. Similarly, be kind and leave feedback when your moving process is over to help others make best decisions.

Why would you risk your items getting damaged or even stolen just because you didn’t want to shell out a few bucks more. Moreover, a professional moving company will respect previously agreed financial terms and time frames. They have more experience and better tools. This is especially crucial if you are moving to another city or state. Find the best long distance movers NYC and never look back.

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Hire reputable movers to avoid any unfortunate events

Some of the scenarios where it would be appropriate to file a claim against a moving company

So, what are the possible ill-fated scenarios where it is advisable to take legal action? Well, any breaching of the contract is a violation of your rights as a customer. For instance, the moving crew damaged your furniture or scratched your TV. In short, you should react if any damage to your property occurs. Equally important is that movers deliver your belongings on time. If they fail to do so, you can file a complaint to the company. The moving company is refusing to unload the truck if you don’t pay more than previously agreed. This usually happens because of the hidden costs in moving contracts.

This is a trait of a scamming moving company and the reason why you should always hire reputable movers. Don’t fall for the lowest price on the market. The most severe scenario which you can experience is the theft of your belongings. In this case, we advise you to call the police.

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If you can’t negotiate a solution, you should file a claim against a moving company

Steps to take before you file a claim against a moving company

Disagreements are bound to emerge in any trading activity. Lack of information, misinterpretations, and mistakes happen when people work hard. Don’t go running to the lawyer immediately. Sit down and let your thoughts settle down. When your mind is at peace, proceed with the following steps:

  • Read the contract. Maybe you misread the agreement. If that is the case, see if the company willing to help you anyway. Your moving crew might be willing to meet your demands regardless of the contract terms. Show your gratitude and tip your moving crew.
  • Inform the company. See if you can negotiate the solution with the company. If they care about their reputation whey will do everything possible to correct their mistake. After all, moving services is a diverse market and there is a lot of competition.
  • File a complaint against the company. The possible destinations for your complaints are the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) or the American Moving and Storage Association if your company is a member.
  • Consider further options if everything else fails. This is the moment where you should talk to a quality lawyer. Avoid hiring a lawyer for smaller amounts because lawyer fees will exceed the amount of your reimbursement and you will end up losing money. In that case, file a lawsuit to small claims court.

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    Be careful when signing a contract with your moving company. Look for hidden costs and unclear terms

How to file a complaint

Like we already noted, before you seek justice it is important that you understand the moving contract clearly. When you have carefully studied the contract, you need to start collecting the evidence. Do you have transcripts of your communication with the moving company?

Know that E-mail is an official document and it is valid evidence in court. Structure your complaint in a manner that is understandable and concise. Explain the circumstances that led to the unfortunate event and name witnesses if you have any. If your belongings got damaged it would be great to have photos that support these claims. By the same token, it is a smart idea to photograph your items prior to the move.

Additional tip – always get moving insurance

Even if you hire the best moving company in the universe accidents still happen. So, instead of scratching your head in disbelief be wise and get moving insurance. Again, read the contracts and know what you are paying for. What kind of protection do you want? Every moving company has several options at disposal from basic liability coverage to full insurance. If none of these deals are good for you, you can always get third-party insurance. The important thing is that you are covered.

Unfortunately, con artists and crooks exist and therefore you should take all the precautionary measures to protect yourself and your belongings. If something goes wrong and decide to file a claim against a moving company, follow the steps presented above. We wish you a safe relocation.