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How to entertain your kids on a moving day

Moving alone is hard enough. But when you are moving with a family with small kids, it sure takes the number of things to be calculated to a whole new level. While the process is stressful to you because of the all the things you ought to do, all the things that you have to take care of, for your children it is stressful tor the completely opposite reason. For the most part, they don’t get it. They don’t understand what goes into the move, and often don’t understand why things are as they are. Most likely they don’t even want to move, seeing no good reason to do so. This can make them unwilling to cooperate and generally unhappy. One way to lift to move is to entertain your kids on a moving day. With this, we can help!

Understand their perspective

First and foremost, you have to understand how the kids see the whole moving process. It is dependent on a variety of factors, but some are always the same.

  • They don’t understand why are you moving – yes, while you get it, it is not often easy to explain that you have to move for work, for example.
  • They do not want to leave – this one is not as unsolvable as it may seem. Before attempting to entertain your kids on a moving day, you have to deal with this one first.
  • They feel excluded and lost in the process – this is where the problem is the biggest, but with a good plan, they will be having fun in no time!

So to cover all of these, there are things pre-moving day that you can do.

Firstly, you may not be able to properly explain why you are moving, especially with small kids (we will talk about age differences later). Smaller children don’t perceive the world as same as we do, and when the Murray hill movers show up on your doors, they will not properly understand why. However, you can and should project confidence. You know why you are moving and why it is the right thing to do! They will pick up on your courageous stance and will feel much more at ease. After all, the reasons behind most of the things grown-ups do are a mystery to them, but they still follow knowing adults know better (some kids more than others…)

This will also solve the second issue, as they will want to be a part of something you assured them is the right thing. And for the third thing? We will get back to it later. For now, this:

Age perspective

Are your children teenagers or pre-teens. It matters. For example, pre-teens generally perceive home to be a where-ever family is. While their emotions are more erratic, they are also more likely to feel at ease if you project confidence.

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A difference in age is a difference in behavior

Your average teens, however, might have something to say about hiring local movers NYC and taking off. They made social circles of peers and they are building up their identity around people they hang-out with. Expect some pull-back. Be careful to assure them that they will meet new friends at their new school. Also, remind them that this doesn’t mean that their old friends are lost to the past. They can stay in contact, and be sure to help in any way possible to this end.

Entertain your kids on a moving day by giving them activities

Now the main topic of the conversation – how to entertain your kids on a moving day itself? Well, while Manhattan movers deal with your stuff, your kids might do the following things!

A walk

Take one last walk around the neighboorhood and go visit friends living close. It is a good way to get some free air and to say goodbyes to the people from the community. It will be a respite from an otherwise stressful day and will give you a close time with your kids after what has been a busy week.


Get them to be in charge of some simple or completely unimportant task. Labeling and painting the boxes or guarding a pet are good examples. This will “make them in charge”. Give them control of something and suddenly they will get invested in the process. Moving becomes a game – an activity in which all the family participates and in which they have a role as well.


This particular activity can be done before movers come to your apartment. It is a great way to give your kids agency in the matter, making sure they are not lost in the process, or otherwise feel like dead weight or useless (something that is always best to avoid).

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Let them have fun by researching their new home

Give them the Wikipedia page of the city you are moving to, for example. Get them to find out possible fun activities to be had once you move. This will make them feel important and useful, and most importantly, will keep them entertained and otherwise occupied while the movers pack your stuff.


Safe room and babysitting

You know your child best. If you think that they can’t handle it any other way, you can do your best to remove them from the situation. One way to do so is hiring a babysitter in other to keep your kid occupied.

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Entertain your kids on a moving day by their favorite hobbies

However, if you think this is too much – get them to enjoy their hobbies within a backyard or in a “safe room” – a room that is off-limits to movers. They can play board and video games while the movers do their thing.

In conclusion

To entertain your kids on moving day is not that hard as long as you take how they perceive the situation in mind. Be it that you are giving them alternative tasks or get them in on the whole moving process, we are sure you will pick the best. Bon voyage!