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How to enjoy NYC with your family

Everyone needs to visit New York City at least once in their lifetime. You will have plenty of things to do, places to visit no matter if you are young, old, single or married with children. When you have a family, it is a bit different compared to coming to the Big Apple alone. For this reason, here are some suggestions on how to enjoy NYC with your family after you move here. And Harlem moving companies will gladly help you with this task.

Enjoy NYC with your family by visiting One World Observatory

Most people that come to New York City want to visit Manhattan. However, you can see an aerial view of this famous borough from the top of the One World Trade Center. Getting to the top is an exciting experience on its own. Your family can ride in the Sky Pod elevators that are extremely fast. While going up, you can watch the development of New York City from the 16th century to today. Once you reach your destination, you can take in the whole beauty of this city and find out even more interesting information that you can use later to impress your friends.

a picture of Central Park
Central Park is a great place for your family

Central Park

You cannot truly enjoy NYC with your family without visiting Central Park. This park is a true hidden treasure of New York City. Your family should take one whole day to explore this beautiful park since it offers an endless array of activities. For this reason, your children will certainly enjoy the day out in nature. They will have the opportunity to play almost any sport they want, to hang out with other children or to have a family picnic. There are several landmarks you can visit as well such as the Obelisk, Belvedere Castle, Alice in Wonderland sculpture, and many more. The Central Park Zoo is also another place where you must take your children. If you want to visit Central Park almost every day, then you can move to New York City.

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is such an iconic landmark that you cannot miss it when you go to New York City. Your children will also be quite impressed with this huge Lady. In addition to this, they can also learn about the importance of this statue. The travel to this island is also exciting as well. You can take the Statue Cruise ferry ride, which will surely be interesting for the whole family. However, if boat rides do not suit your preference, you can take the Statue of Liberty Express. It is a great cruise that goes around on the Hudson River. You can also see many famous landmarks in Manhattan as well. Maybe you will be so taken in by the city that you will move to New York City. If that is the case, then be sure to find affordable movers NYC.

enjoy NYC with your family by going to see the Statue of Liberty
Visit the Statue of Liberty

Enjoy NYC with your family by taking a walk to the Brooklyn Bridge

A great way to truly enjoy this city is to take your children on a walk to Brooklyn Bridge. You should start from Manhattan by taking the bridge’s pedestrian walkway. It will take you about an hour or so depending on how fast you and your family can walk. After you reach your destination, you will be able to see a spectacular view of Manhattan. In addition to this, you can take your kids to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. There are many fun outdoor activities you can enjoy in this park as well. Not only Central Park deserves your attention.

American Museum of Natural History

Who does not want to see dinosaurs? Every child and adults would love the opportunity to visit 45 exhibitions, a planetarium, and so much more. Once you enter, you will be swept away to the whole new world. Your whole family will get to learn so much by just walking around the halls of this museum. For this reason, be sure to take your children there. In addition to this, the museum is a great way to entertain your children when you are moving or when you need to get them out of the house for a couple of hours. Be prepared to listen to their anecdotes for a couple of hours straight.

Catch a Broadway Show

You should take your family to see a Broadway show. They have everything, from plays, live shows to musicals. You will find something that suits your family’s taste. In addition to this, they organize many plays dedicated to children. Your kids will certainly enjoy watching their favorite story come to life on a theater stage. So, be sure not to miss one out.

a sign that spells out Broadway
Catch a show on Broadway

Restaurants in New York City

Because of its diversity, you can try any cuisine you want in New York City. You can take your children to Chinatown for some amazing Chinese food, or to Koreatown as well. Maybe your family will find their favorite new meal among this delicious Asian food. In addition to this, there are many outdoor restaurants and street food vendors. It is a good way to enjoy NYC with your family by trying as many interesting foods as you can. Afterward, you can go for ice cream or milkshake. You will find endless places that serve the best ice cream in the city.

More general tips when visiting NYC with family

  • Take plenty of rest because New York City can be quite exhausting.
  • You can find the bathroom in almost every bookstore, department store or in the hotel lobbies
  • Be sure to keep an eye on your children the whole time because a crowd in the Big Apple can be quite huge
  • Do not forget to bring drinks and food for your kids

How to enjoy NYC with your family

As you can see, there are so many things to do in New York City. You will not be bored once you visit the city that never sleeps.