enjoy Christmas in New Jersey

How to enjoy Christmas in New Jersey

It’s that time of the year again. People are in a hurry to finish their chores, buy presents for their loved ones and prepare their homes for festivities. Usually, what happens in all that chaos is that people forget to relax and have some fun. This, in turn, leads to chronic fatigue and anxiety. Another common occurrence is that people perceive Christmas and New Year’s Eve as events when they must have the best time of their lives. More often than not, they end up disappointed. So, how to actually enjoy Christmas in New Jersey? What are the best ways and places to spend this holiday?

The most densely populated state in the US offers many great places to have fun. Above all, these places are Newark, Jersey City and Patterson. Close proximity to the city of New York opens the window of endless possibilities. The abundance of opportunities also applies to other life aspects such as work, real estate market and cultural content. Therefore, moving here on a permanent basis can prove to be a brilliant idea, but before you start packing remember that Essex county movers are there to help you finalize your move.

Picture of New Jersey houses
The Garden State boasts a wide array of cultural events and manifestations

Fun Christmas events in New Jersey

The garden state boasts many great Christmas events to visit, experience and to take part in. So, if you don’t feel like sitting at home, try one of the places we have singled out for you.

  • Gingerbread Wonderland in Morristown. This event is held at Frelinghuysen Arboretum each year. For a small entrance fee, you will get the chance to test your creativity and imagination as well as baking skills. Or you can take a tour and admire hundreds of edible gingerbread structures. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite.
  • Magic of Lights in Holmdel. One of the most popular family events in NJ, The Magic of Lights takes place between November 22nd to January 4th. The great thing about this event is that you can enjoy it without leaving your warm car. Marvel at various Christmas characters and scenes recreated in thousands of glittering lights of all colors.
  • Santa’s Fly-In at Readington airport. Ever wanted to meet Santa personally? Head to Readington Airport and see him greet delighted children. Hot chocolate, cookies, and presents for everyone involved!
  • Downtown Newark Holiday Tree Lighting celebration. Join the holiday atmosphere with live music and tasty food. Bounce house and Santa are part of the show. If Newark is the destination of your preference, you should contact Newark movers to conduct a stress-free relocation.

Enjoy Christmas in New Jersey with your family and friends

Can you imagine a better way of spending the Christmas holidays than with your family? Modern way life often forces us to constantly chase after finances and success. In all that mess, family relations can suffer. Holidays present a unique opportunity for you to forget about your work-related problems and spend some quality time with your family and friends. While holidays can’t make up a whole year of absence, this is a period when you should put away everything else except your family. Also, try to engage your kids in the holiday activities. Henceforth, delegate some of the home-decorating activities to them. Assign one afternoon for picking a nice Christmas tree, and let your kids decorate it. After all, Christmas is about a cozy, warm, and family atmosphere. Prepare your camera and capture those happy moments.

Enjoy Christmas in New Jersey with your family
The best way to enjoy Christmas in New Jersey is with your family. Decorate the Christmas tree and prepare a nice dinner

Use the moving end-of-season to your advantage

Typically, the moving season lasts from April to September. This is the time frame when 80% of 40 million annual moves in the US take place. Outside that period, moving companies face a reduced demand for their services. Therefore, relocating during this period brings many advantages:

  • You will be able to get better deals due to lower moving quotes. Additionally, the price of packing services NYC as well as other moving services will also be reduced.
  • Your friends will be free to help you out.
  • It will be easier for you to take free days from work with the forthcoming holiday season. This means you will have more energy and concentration to organize your move.
  • Real estate agents have less work meaning that they will be able to fully concentrate on your case. Real estate prices are also lower because everyone is looking to close their deals and wrap-up the year.

Use this time for traveling

While our hectic schedules usually keep us chained to the place where we live and work, the holiday season is a perfect opportunity for traveling and widening your horizons. There are several attractive places where you can enjoy Christmas in New Jersey. Some of the most iconic landmarks worth visiting are:

  • Absecon Lighthouse
  • New Jersey State House
  • Willowwood Arboretum in Chester
  • Montclair Art Museum
  • Atlantic City Boardwalk

On the other hand, if you are willing to leave the state borders, we would like to propose New York. While this might seem like an obvious choice, we firmly believe that New York’s diverse holiday scene makes it impossible to overlook. The only downside are the potential crowds. For that reason, inform yourself about the best ways to commute in New York. Many theaters, galleries, bars, and restaurants will adapt their repertoire in accordance with incoming holidays.

Picture of Central Park covered in snow
Use your free time for traveling. New York is close and offers many interesting things to do and see

Few wise words to help you enjoy Christmas in New Jersey

All things considered, if you wish to truly enjoy Christmas in New Jersey, you just have to relax. Whatever you choose to do you have to forget about your daily problems and enjoy the moment. Travelling is always a nice idea, but staying at home is also a viable option. Therefore, don’t let the feelings of high expectations creep up on you. Be grateful for what you have and try to show people around you just how much they mean to you. We wish you a happy holiday.