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How to disassemble furniture when moving

Whether you are moving for the first time or you have done this a couple of times already, it is always difficult. There is a problem with how to pack your belongings in the right way or how to disassemble and reassemble furniture when you are moving. Stay with us and see how to disassemble furniture when moving with ease.

The first thing to do is to choose the right moving company

There are all kinds of furniture. Small ones, massive ones, fragile and oddly-shaped. Let’s say that you are moving to NYC. Don’t do that on your own. Especially if you have fragile, massive and precious belongings. You don’t want to cause breakage or any kind of damage. If you own a piano for example, which is a beautiful instrument and it has been in your family for generations, don’t risk doing it yourself! Instead, contact piano movers NYC which are the best moving company in NYC and they are specialized in moving pianos.

Our movers have dedicated their work and time to learn about every single detail which can occur during the move. They are experienced in how to disassemble furniture when moving the client who has fragile and precious items like a piano. Our services can include disassembling the furniture and assembling it. You just need to say what you need and we will do it.

men carrying a piano upstairs
Moving professionals will know how to move your precious item like a piano


Listen to advice from professionals who know how to disassemble furniture when moving

You should know that there are a lot of scams and frauds in the moving business. That’s why you should know how to recognize them. You have a big job ahead of you and you need to focus on how to disassemble furniture when moving for example. If you are planning to move to NYC that should be your greatest concern. With the right moving service NYC you will successfully transfer all your belongings in the new location and get a reliable and safe partner in moving. The one that won’t let you down. Disassembling furniture is not an easy job and it takes time and practice. Why risk doing something wrong when you can have professional by your side to do all that for you? Make a smart move and contact us.

disassemble furniture when moving with a screwdriver
The right movers know how to disassemble furniture when moving your belongings and they will do it with ease.

How to disassemble furniture when moving

Take a good look at your furniture. Big massive furniture is first for disassembling. Kitchen parts are always difficult to disassemble.  Start with them. Take the manual and begin. Furniture in the living room has no special manual for disassembling because it is mostly in one piece like the sofa or a chair. Smaller pieces of furniture like coffee tables you can disassemble, just look at the manual. This is all very complicated and if you haven’t saved the manual when you bought it you can not simply do it on your own. Then again, if you are doing it, there is a risk of losing the parts during transport. Not to mention that you need proper tools for that job. So, take our advice and call the right moving company which will help you with everything.