determine priorities on moving day

How to determine priorities on moving day

Moving to a new home takes a lot of planning and preparation. Most of the move-related task should be already complete when your movers arrive on a moving day. On the other hand, a move is not over yet. You still have to make sure that everything is ready for the moving crew and help coordinate the entire process. In case, you dread that your moving day may get chaotic, consider our tips and determine priorities on moving day.

Determine priorities on moving day –  it is easier to navigate

Preparing your relocation may not be the easiest task. However, all the task associated with the moving preparations like finding and hiring top Midtown movers in Manhattan, packing your home belongings, deserve their own to – do list. But when the moving day comes there are numerous thing you should do to make sure that the process goes smoothly. Quality movers will do most of the work while packing and lifting heavy and bulky items. While their job is to handle the most difficult part, you may not have too much time to sit and relax.

Prepare comfortable clothes and shoes to wear on a moving day.

Besides that, you may feel like your job is almost done, when the moving day comes, you should be ready. It is important you are ready for your movers and plan ahead. Good organization skills will come in handy when your movers come throw your door. Despite that you may think your job is almost done, you should make another to – do list. While your movers handle all the heavy lifting there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you don’t lose valuable time.

Moving day to – do list may not be as complicated as your moving preparation list. On the other hand, it is easier to put everything on paper and not to forget anything. Consider all the task you should do like:

  • Preparing the right clothes to wear on a moving day
  • Preparing plenty of refreshments for your moving crew
  • Planning the alternative route for moving heavy and bulky items in case they don’t fit through the doors or narrow hallways
  • Packing the box with essential items
  • Taking the time to read and check the moving contract

When you have a list of everything you should do, it is easier to set priorities on moving day.

Plan ahead he clothes you will wear

One of the priorities on moving day is the clothes you wear. It is essential you choose what to wear on relocation day in advance. You shouldn’t let your movers wait at your door while you decide. The clothes you wear should be comfortable. Avoid putting on any clothing items that have belts or loose parts. On the other hand, it is important you protect your feet and wear comfortable closed-toed footwear.

Pack the box with essentials

While your movers pack your entire home belongings, you should pack the box with essentials. There are some items movers usually don’t relocate like irreplaceable family air looms, important items that hold sentimental value. Also, you should pack all the important documentation and insurance documents with your essentials. Items like school records, medical records, traveling documentation you should take with you. Packing the essentials box should be one of the main priorities on moving day. Make sure to take all of the items you may need for a few days before movers deliver your boxes. If you do, your home will be empty and ready for cleaning after movers load all the moving boxes onto the moving truck.

Make sure your fridge and your freezer are ready for packing

One of the most common moving mistakes is not preparing your kitchen appliances for the moving day. After you determine priorities on moving day, make sure that your fridge and freezer and defrosted and clean. If you prepare in advance and let them defrost naturally, your fridge and freezer may be still wet. Make sure to dry each inside piece of the fridge and freezer before your movers close it and pack it for the move.

Make sure you fridge and freezer and empty, clean and ready for packing on a moving day.

Have all the cleaning supplies on hand

After your reliable moving professionals leave with your belongings, it is time for cleaning. It is normal you leave the cleaning process for another day. However, you should be prepared to start cleaning the next day. Make sure to buy in advance all the cleaning supplies you will need to make the house look spotless for the new owner or renter.

Make sure your pets don’t get in the way

Another important task that should be one of the priorities on a moving day is not letting your small children or pets get in the way. They should play or be around the house while movers carry heavy pieces of furniture. You should consider hiring a babysitter to keep an eye on your little ones or take them to a friend until your movers are finished loading all of the boxes onto the moving truck. On the other hand, if you have pets, make sure they stay inside one empty room and stay away until the move is complete. In case you plan to relocate your pet, consider hiring a professional. Quality pet moving services NYC will take care of your furry friend while you move. Professional moving service that offers a pet relocation takes care of your pet as you would.

Make sure your pet doesn’t get in the way while movers pack your home.

Read the moving contract carefully

Your movers will bring important moving documents for you to sign on a moving day. For safety reasons, they may not start the packing or the loading process until you fill out all the necessary paperwork. This is the most important among all the priorities on moving day. You have to make sure that the official moving contract you sign fits the parameters you agree on. Take time to carefully read and review all the paperwork before you let your movers do their job.