How to cut NYC moving expenses

The Big Apple is one of the most expensive places on Earth! According to Expatistan, NYC is the 4th most expensive city in the world, out of 344. It is the second most expensive city in North America and the most expensive city in the U.S.A. Everything about this place is super expensive, but that is the cost of living in the world’s greatest city! To cut NYC moving expenses is probably a great way to start your new lifestyle that is all about saving. How else are you going to survive here? First things first, you need to get a moving quote in NYC, do it for free here on our website and get an idea of your moving expenses. Once you get an idea you’ll be able to visualize what needs to be improved. Dynamic Movers NYC want you to have only the best moving experience, even if that means doing things the hard way. “How to cut NYC moving expenses” list was made out of the goodness of our hearts.

cut NYC moving expenses
Welcome to the most expensive city in the world!

Downsize and de-clutter

NYC offers some seriously tinny real estate and it’s always a good idea to relocate as light as air. When you think that some people had to downsize from a house to an apartment! What a huge life change! Getting rid of all your extra clothes, furniture, and smaller items is of tremendous importance when moving to NYC. Just ask long distance moving companies in NYC, they can attest to it. Not only that you will save money on your moving day by downsizing, you will save money on rent as well! We don’t have to point out that rent is half of the battle in Manhattan. The lesser square footage the smaller the rent, and if you are a true convert, you will be living in a micro-studio in no time!. So don’t forget the top rule of moving-weight equals money.

Cut NYC moving expenses
Downsize and get rid of all the extra stuff!

Hire low-cost moving firm

If you don’t plan to go all “DIY” on your move, hiring a low-cost company might do the trick. To find it you need to do some research and look into all the relevant information. As we mentioned earlier, a good start is to get a free moving quote. This will give you a better grasp of the situation. Next step is to get at least three on-site binding written estimates. This will allow you to compare offers from several different companies and pick the right one for you. The tedious yet very important part is to read the fine print very carefully and understand what it means.

Cut NYC moving expenses
Do your research right and save money-trust me I’m an engineer.

Don’t be shy to negotiate like a Tunisian souvenir salesman!   Make sure to mention that you received a better offer from a competing company. Many movers will offer a better deal just to beat the competition. Ask for any discounts, deals, vouchers, anything that can help you reduce the price. And don’t forget to make sure the deposit is refundable in case you have to cancel the move or change plans. Anything that will help you cut NYC moving expenses!

Timing is everything

Time is money, right? Timing is one way to cut NYC moving expenses. To save time means to plan ahead. The earlier you start better are your chances of success. Book your move as early as possible to reduce stress and save money. Consider scheduling it for the middle of the month, as that is the best time to save money. This is because movers are busiest at the beginning and the end of the month when the leases turn over. Also, consider organizing your relocation out of the summer season. During the summer months is when people move the most. This is also the time when movers are least ready to negotiate a good price because they don’t have to, there is plenty of other fish in the sea. So try moving in the winter time, it might be annoying in some aspects but it can also save you a lot of money.

Get cheap packing material

Getting cheap or free packing material is a great way to cut NYC moving expenses. All you need to do is start early. You will need time to locate all those free boxes and cheap packing supplies. This might take some time and effort but if you do it right you are looking at saving a lot of money. How to find free moving boxes in NYC is an art form on its own, but as we mentioned earlier, if you start on time you’ll be fine! Head out to your local liquor store for sturdy compartmentalized boxes. Check your local Starbucks for used boxes, they receive deliveries twice a week and therefore are a good place to look. Try advertising on the community board, look around on trash day and behind your grocery store. If everything else fails, post on Facebook or look for free boxes on Craigslist.

Cut NYC moving expenses
If you start early you’ll get there on time!

How to cut NYC moving expenses with the help of friends

Start by learning how to pack and load a moving truck properly. It’s all part of your DIY moving experience. Then bribe a bunch of friends with pizza and beer to join your “packing party”. It is not the most fun party you’ve ever been to we can assure you. Nonetheless, you can make it fun, while creating great memories with your beloved friends. We can’t think of a better start to your new life chapter. One last advice-don’t give them too much beer before the move is over. Employing your friends instead of a moving company is probably the best way to cut NYC moving expenses. Nevertheless, we can’t guarantee you will get the same quality standard.