Ottoman is a great way to create additional storage space in your NYC home

How to create additional storage space in your NYC home

If you are bumping into piles of boxes or your garments are falling out of every corner of your apartment, then it’s time to think about upgrading. However, even if hiring a premium Upper East Side moving company and moving into a bigger place is not an option, there are still ways to create additional storage space in your NYC home. Yes, it is really good to know that when you’re living in a small New York City apartment. Just know that it’s not an impossible mission to create additional storage space in your NYC home. You just need to relearn how to observe the space in your house or apartment in a new way. You’ll be able to exploit every inch of it by following our guide so read on.

Bedroom where you can create additional storage space in your NYC home
If you follow our tips, you can declutter and create additional storage space in your NYC home in a very simple way.

Create additional storage space in your NYC home by decluttering

Before you start to plan to create additional storage space in your NYC home, declutter your home. This will instantly create an illusion of more aware footage in your space. When you were first relocating to Manhattan with the help of reliable and affordable movers NYC, you probably owned fewer things that you have now. Most people usually add things to their homes without first getting rid of the objects they never use or need. It’s completely normal, but chances are that you’re stuck with a lot of things that you don’t actually use in your home. There’s no reason to store these items. They only make clutter in your home, preventing the energy from flowing freely through it and making it harder to upkeep. These situations are precisely why decluttering in times of spring cleaning is always a great idea.

Hidden storage space for your bedroom

A bedroom is a perfect place where you can create additional storage space for your NYC home. Of course, the best storage space in your bedroom will be underneath your bed. It is a great way to save space after moving to NYC. In some cases, you’ll have to elevate your bed. If you are already looking for a new bed, find the tallest one. The more room you have from the floor to the edge of the bed, the more storage space you can create. Also, look for the beds without drawers underneath – you will be able to fit more boxes or crates instead.

On the other hand, you can elevate your bed on your own! All you need is four very stable legs you will place under your bed to raise it. If you are not skillful enough to do it yourself, hire a carpenter to make longer legs and make your bed taller.

A children's bedroom with a pull out sofa
Just remember, when you have fewer things to find storage for, you will have less hassle trying to make additional space in your abode.

Tricks to create additional storage space in your NYC home underneath your bed

Creating additional storage space is important, but as much as a good nights sleep. So when you’re choosing to elevate your bed, raise it to a height that you’re comfortable sleeping in. Here are a few practical tips you can use to transform your bed into a cool storage space:

  • You can create additional storage space in your NYC home for shoeboxes – Your shoe boxes will fit perfectly underneath the bed. If you put shoe boxes horizontally and stack two or three on top of each other, you can elevate your bed to that height. It’s especially convenient for seasonal shoes. You can put those on the end that’s harder to reach.
  • Use plastic bins – Whatever you need to store whether it’ll be underneath your bed, or anywhere else around your home, plastic bins are an amazing solution. They come in all the possible sizes, so you may still fit them underneath your bed with elevating it. When properly sealed, the plastic bins can keep your items safe for years.
  • Vacuum bags – They are perfect when you want to create additional storage space in your NYC home because they decrease the size of your bulky winter clothes and blankets. Pack anything that you don’t need in the summer in them.

Create additional storage space in your NYC home underneath the stairs

Each step of your stairs hides a great potential to create a small storage space. Use the space inside the stairs and you will be able to put a lot of things away. You can reinvent your modern living room with stairs that double as storage in any style you like. You may need help from the handyman to construct this step safely, but the final product will surely be worth the extra effort. You’ll create additional storage space in your NYC home in a cool and unique way.

More space and more seating space at the same time? How?

Well, this idea can be executed a lot easier than you’d think. Since these days more and more people are opting for smaller properties, the ideas for children creating additional storing space are multiplying. Many of those ingenious ideas involve combining seating areas with storage solutions. Long wooden crates, for example, can double as seating benches. They are a creative idea for decorating your home, all the while being perfect for storing table cloths, linens, etc. Put a beautiful wooden crate/bench next to the wall and decorate it with some cushions. Perfect! You could also go a step further and upholster the bench to customize it. This is also very convenient for the balcony. But go for plastic if your terrace is open.

Living room with floating stairs
Have you ever considered converting your stairs into additional storage space?


If you’re still lacking storage space after implementing all these tips, maybe it’s time to rent a storage unit. There are so many advantages of using storage units in NYC. The first and most important one is that your belongings will be completely safe during the time you keep it. In fact, statistics say that a large number of New Yorkers keep their belongings in storage facilities. The living costs in the Big Apple are pretty high, and housing is the priciest commodity. Usually, it is much cheaper to rent a smaller home along with a storage unit than to rent a bigger property that can fit all of your belongings.