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How to be a good neighbor on moving day

A rather obvious and inescapable part of moving is that you will be leaving your city, town, etc behind. This inevitably means that your neighborhood will also be now in the past, and new neighbors are to be expected in your new home (except if you are moving to a cabin in the middle of the woods. In that particular case – just be careful of the bears and get cable). Now, some of you might have experience with tightly knit communities, and for you, this is an obvious courtesy but for others, there is a fair question of why to be a good neighbor on moving day?


Well, asking why to bother might seem unpolite, but when the long distance movers NYC are coming to your apartment to moving you to your new life and you have literary hundred things and problems to worry about, using your precious time and energy on the well being of your soon-to-be former neighbors can seem unreasonable.

However, good relations with acquaintances are based on etiquette and reciprocation. It doesn’t matter if you have known them for 10 years or 10 weeks, and won’t see them again. It is simply imperative for you to act in the way you wish to be acted upon you. You want to make sure you leave a good impression. Who knows, you might just one day have to return, or need a favor. For this reason, being polite is a sure option.

So, how to get on with your endeavor to be a good neighbor on moving day?

Convenient times

You can’t really pick how many hours the job needs to take. You also can’t make the business of moving heavy furniture less noisy or going downstairs in the building less inconvenient.

Time clocks
Time is a valuable thing, so make sure your neighbors don’t lose their time for resting and peace.

However, what you can do is pick the right time to do all those things, and therefore be a good neighbor on moving day. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Try to be a good neighbor on moving day by doing the job between 9 am and 4 pm. During this time most of your neighbors will be on work and will therefore not hear 5 people from East Village movers lift your piano.
  • Consult local needs. For example, you might have a neighbor with small children. Try to fit your work as to not disturb their schedule
  • DO NOT RUSH. Pre-plan everything. There is no much point in rushing your hired movers just to fit into the time frame. You need to fit their work into your planning, not the other way around

Be a good neighbor on moving day by informing

Knowledge is powerOk, it might sound a little too ominous for what we are going on here, but still, it stands. You are in charge of your life, and it should stay that way, but you should also be mindful of how much agency you leave to people affected by your actions.

Think about it this way. If you are moving with small children, it is a fair chance that this is not their decision. Still, you might have explained it to them to the best of your ability, given them things to research for their new home, showed them schools, etc.

In other words, they possessed no power to decide. Well, they still don’t, but they feel appreciated. Something similar goes for your neighbors. Let them know what, how and when is something happening. Let them be prepared. Who knows, you might just receive a pair or two of helping hands!

This will make sure that on the day of the move they clear out the parking, watch the stairs, etc. In other words – communication is key. Have it, even with the neighbors you might have not had the best relationships in the past. Think about it this way – they might even help you! After all, if you didn’t really like each other, they have a vested interest in you leaving as soon as possible…

So, be a good neighbor on moving day and inform everybody that you will have Manhattan movers come in and pick your things up.

New neighbors to look forward to

Also, be mindful of your new neighbors. There is only one shot to make a good first impression. Organizing your move at convenient hours and informing them of your actions are actions that are just as good for new neighbors as well. Don’t have your Queens movers come out of nowhere in the middle of the night…

A man looking
You should make a good first impression for your new neighborhood as well.

This will make your new neighborhood much more receptive and open many options for further dinners, BBQs or simple respectable relationship between acquaintances. Whatever suits you (and them, naturally).

Do not disturb

Finally to rap it all around. Be professional during the actual move. Our recommendations are to always, always (when possible) hire professional movers. It is their job description to be mindful of the tenants too, not just the customers.

be a good neighbor on moving day sign
Be a good neighbor on moving day really comes down to this.

But, should you not have such services or have rather unprofessional professionals, feel free to keep them in check. You don’t want them to talk too loudly, play loud music, bang unnecessary and other inconveniences for your neighbors.

There are times of day when being a little louder is acceptable. Find those!

Don’t leave without saying goodbye

And to reveal the most important thing about how to be a good neighbor on moving day (drum roll please) – say goodbye. Go to your neighbor and say farewells. Organize a party! Show them that you appreciated their conduct and that you wish them the best. There is no real reason not to do so. However, should you do this, do it before you actually move day comes. You don’t want to give/receive gift cookies while having your bed moved through the window…

Best of luck!