If you plan everything well you can save a lot of money

How can you deduct moving expenses

Relocation can be a very tiring and burdensome experience. People tend to get lost when facing an immense challenge that is a change of the address. Furthermore, the cold fact is that relocation requires some flexing of your financial muscle. It costs to move everything you own from point A to point B. There some things you can do on your own, which we will discuss later on, while for other tasks you have to get professional assistance. You just can’t transport your fridge and bed unless you own a truck, right? For experienced and reliable movers check out Manhattan movers, they have all the necessary knowledge to help you organize a stress-free relocation. Speaking of expenses, there are several ways to save some of your precious dollars. Stay tuned as we will present you a few simple tricks that can help you to deduct moving expenses. Grab a cold beverage and some snacks, and let’s begin.

Hire reliable yet affordable movers to deduct moving expenses

Like we already said, you simply need a moving crew to help you carry out some aspects of the relocation process. They do this every day for a living, so they know all the tricks to make this huge process less traumatic for you and your family. Also, they have adequate tools and equipment that you can’t find in an ordinary household. They can help you transport bulky and heavy pieces of furniture like chandeliers, pool tables or pianos. Better yet, there are moving companies that specialize in moving specific objects. If you really do have a piano, and you wish to take it to your new home, look for piano movers NYC, as they will ensure your piano arrives at its destination without a scratch.

Picture of a truck
If you book your move in advance you might get some discount

What to look for when hiring Affordable movers

But let’s get back to our topic, how can you save some money when securing the services of a moving company? Well, do your homework. Do some online research of what local companies you have on your disposal, and call some of them to do the estimate of our move. The more offers you have, the higher are the chances to save some money. When hiring an affordable moving company, be sure to read the reviews first to eliminate the possibility of dealing with amateurs or scammers who don’t know their job. Watch out for red flags that can point out you have business with such movers.

Do packing on your own to deduct moving expenses

While you can’t transport your belonging by yourself, you can pack without the help of professional packers. There is certainly no need to call for professional assistance to pack your books or your clothes. Also, ask your friends who moved recently to borrow you the packing tools and boxes so you don’t have to buy everything. You can also find cheap deals for cardboard boxes online.

When packing your stuff, ask friends to help you out if there is a lot of work to be done. You can even turn your relocation into a fun activity and create some great memories. Call your friends and order some beers and pizzas. Make a day out of it. In the end, this might be your last chance to spend some quality time with your friends before you move. Your friends will be glad to help you out with huge life events like this one, so don’t leave them out.

Use this opportunity to declutter your home

This is probably the perfect opportunity to throw away everything that you don’t need anymore. The less stuff you have for transportation the lower the final price will be. There are several ways to do this:

  • Selling items online. Anything you believe is of some value is good to be placed for an online sale. You can also organize a yard or garage sale to get rid of unnecessary stuff. You will be surprised just how much money you can get. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s gold? So, using this method you will not only save some money, but you can earn something as well.
  • Consider donating. Yes, there is a lot of people that might find your used clothes a welcome gift. It feels good to help those in need.
  • Pay a visit to your local dumpster. We all own a lot of trash that is just sitting there in the corner of the basement or attic. When you move to your new home you want a clean and organized space, so throw out all that garbage before you leave.

    cleaning chaos can help you to deduct moving expenses
    Throw away all that garbage sitting in your home to save on relocation costs

In order to deduct moving expenses start early

Be aware that leaving everything for the last moment generates additional charges. So, be wise a plan everything ahead. Create a schedule and follow it step by step. This way you will also ensure that you don’t forget anything. Being in a hurry is making us prone to mistakes. If you do your homework and secure the services of moving agency on time, you might even get some discounts. Avoid relocation during the moving season which typically lasts from May to September when weather conditions are favorable and when children are out of school. Also, try not to move during weekends to deduct moving expenses.

Picture of hourglass
Give yourself an early start in order to deduct moving expenses

Some additional tips

Another great trick is to save money on moving insurance. Don’t get us wrong, you need to have some sort of insurance because accidents can happen regardless of the quality of the moving crew, but try to evaluate what you really need. Educate yourself on the matter and don’t overpay for something that you don’t need.

Follow the advice we have presented to you in this article and you will surely deduct moving expenses. Be organized, realistic and effective and you won’t have any problems. We wish you a safe relocation.