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How can you celebrate NYE in NYC?

If you are going to celebrate New Year’s Eve anywhere in the world, planning to celebrate NYE in NYC might be the best decision you can possibly make. New York City makes the spectacle out of the new year’s eve like no other city in the world… well, that is somewhat of an NYC thing. Being special.

All in all, let us go straight to the point. Where to celebrate NYE in NYC?

Celebrate NYE in NYC Times Square

NYC movers and packers have relocated you just in time for Christmas and one week is not enough to plan on where to celebrate NYE in NYC. You are in luck! NYC Times Square is a massive event you should not miss. Be sure to be there when the clock strikes midnight.

Celebrate NYE in NYC with sparkles
Want to be in the center of the world on New Year’s Eve? Come to Times Square!

However, you still have to have a few things in mind.

  • Plan ahead – There are no public toilets provided on Times Square and there will be strict no-bags policy, meaning that all you carry must be in your pockets and that going to the toilet is not always an option. This is why you need to plan ahead if you are going to celebrate NYE in NYC Times Square.
  • No alcohol! – Alcohol is forbidden in public in NYC and this will be enforced on this night as well
  • Once you are in – you are in – And remember that you don’t have the option of leaving once the police have ascertained that the time has come. You are staying until the ball hits!

Retro celebration

Clinton moving company has moved you to New York, but New York will move you to the future… or the past. It depends on how you look at it.

art deco
Want to meet the 2020s in the spirit of the 1920s – we have you covered!

After all, on this New Years Eve, we are also celebrating a new decade. And, why not make them the roaring 20s again? Go to 99 Scott Studio, Brooklyn to have a try 20s ar deco feel party! Ready yourself for black and gold! Elegance and Decadence.

Secret party!

NYC has a lot to offer, but not everything is for public consumption. Located on Secret Loft, 137W 14th Street, 2nd floor, Manhattan, New York you can have a wild party of dancing and a massive ball drop to mark the new year’s arrival.

Want something a little bit more private?

If this is your kind of thing, start buying tickets now! As of today, you can find them for around 15-70$.

Final thoughts

In our final thoughts on how to celebrate NYE in NYC, we have one more recommendation. Buy a bear and go to the roof of your building. From there, with the company of small proportions yet carefully chosen members watch the city lights and fireworks. This low budget version turns out to be just a perfect option for many of us. Why not try it out?