Hot spots for celebrity sightings in NYC after you move

Hot spots for celebrity sightings in NYC after you move

So many of our movies’ plots happen in the city that never sleeps. New York City often serves as the backdrop to so many beautiful cinematic shots. And all this buzz around town has brought a lot of people from the movie industry. This has changed the number of hot spots for celebrity sightings in NYC. Celebs are living in and visiting the Big Apple more and more. NYC is the new LA, according to our NoHo movers. So it has become completely normal to spot any of our favorite A-listers strolling around the city. They are enjoying the town after filming a show or performing at a concert. Sometimes you can even spot a celeb on their way to the grocery store. Many of them are calling NYC home in the last few years.

The concert is a major hot spot for celebrity sightings in NYC
Known as the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden is home to the New York Knicks and a major hub for a concert or entertainment shows. Also a hot spot for celebrity sightings in NYC.

Here are some of our favorite hot spots for celebrity sightings in NYC after you move!

1. Chelsea

Lying on the west side of Manhattan in the Midtown part of the island, serviced by a very reliable Manhattan moving service, Chelsea is located just north of Greenwich Village and has become home to a very high number of famous people. You might be able to spot some of these celebs who live in Chelsea doing their everyday chores such as Cameron Diaz, Harrison Ford, and Kate Winslet.

2. East Village

The East Village is actually not nearly as popular as some of the other neighborhoods in the Big Apple. Similar sounding areas such as Greenwich Village and the West Village, are much more frequented by celebs. Nonetheless, East Village is still a great neighborhood on Manhattan’s east side. It faces the East River and so it is a much calmer part of the city with a large residential area where the city’s wealthy reside. If you’re visiting this part of the city, you might spot some of the folks who have a home there, like Britney Spears, Amanda Seyfried, and Russell Simmons.

3. Hot spots for celebrity sightings in NYC: Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park could quite literally be exclusive for the wealthy elite. People who live in the towers surrounding the park own a key with strict access. Access to green space has been sought after by the rich and famous for decades, you can assume that the tenants of this neighborhood are part of the city’s wealthiest. Celebs like Jay Baruchel and Jim Parsons are neighbors in Gramercy Park.

4. The Polo Bar

This restaurant is owned by fashion designer Ralph Lauren and is one of the hot spots for celebrity sightings in NYC. It is so exclusive that it is almost impossible to set foot in. You can try, but you have to make a table reservation weeks in advance. The restaurant has frequent visits like Tom Hanks, Martha Stewart, and Bradley Cooper just to name a few.

5. Hot spots for celebrity sightings in NYC: DUMBO

DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is one of Manhattan’s premier locations. Dumbo is ITs home to NYC’s most sought-after real estate. It lies right between the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge, which gives it the best access to two of the city’s most busy and beautiful bridges. It’s also got some of the most striking views of the Big Apple skyline. Celeb residents of DUMBO are A-listers such as Anne Hathaway.

6. Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is one of the city’s hot spots for seeing celebrities in NYC because it is a very popular neighborhood for bumping into the rich and famous. You might see Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rosie O’Donnell, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Tom Cruise.


SoHo, which stands for South of Houston Street, has long been known as an exclusive part of the city with many rich and famous residents choosing to reside there. It is also very close to Greenwich Village, it isn’t unusual for celebrity sightings in NYC who are making their way through both of the neighborhoods. SoHo is favorite to many A-listers like Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys, Daniel Craig, John Legend, Justin Timberlake and Samuel L. Jackson.

8. The Spotted Pig

Located in the West Village, the Spotted Pig is a small exclusive restaurant serving European dishes. The dishes attract celebs like Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who has been spotted tasting the pub food.

9. Tribeca

Tribeca is home to some of the wealthiest people in the entire city. It has some of the most sought after and expensive real estate in all of the Big Apple. Jay Z, Beyoncé, Meryl Streep, Jon Stewart, and Billy Crystal all live in the neighborhood.

Upper East Side is part of Manhattan where many celebrities live and it occupies the space to the east of all of Central Park, stretching from 59th street all the way north to 96th, a nearly 40 block span.

10. Upper East Side

Upper East Side is home to Museum Mile, where many of the city’s very famous, very popular and very visited museums are located. Its boundaries nestle many high residential towers where famous folks like Mariah Carey, Bill Murray, and the Trump family own properties. This neighborhood is very large compared to many others on the list, so NYC celebrity sightings might prove to be a little more difficult here.

11. Hot spots for celebrity sightings in NYC after you move – RAO’S

Infamous for its exclusivity, Rao’s is an eatery that has a shockingly small capacity – just 10 tables. That fact alone makes it one of the most difficult restaurants to get into in all of the city. In this place, the reservation list is so long, they even stopped being able to count on them in advance. Rao’s is a “who knows who?” type of an exclusive place. Many famed stars have dined in Rao’s, but try to get in, it’s next to impossible.

12. Rockefeller center

Stand in front of the Rockefeller Center Building long enough and you will definitely see a celebrity walk out of its doors. This building nestles to NBC Studios between its doors. The filming for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live, Nightly News with Lester Holt take place here. Camp out near the building and you’ll spot people like Fallon, members of The Roots, or cast members from SNL nonchalantly going to work.

Rainbow Room neon lights banner
Located within Rockefeller Center, The Rainbow Room gets its own entry because of its high propensity for celeb sightings amongst any of the city’s restaurants.


Districts one of the biggest and most visited theater district in the world. You can visit all kinds of interesting theaters here. Some play musicals, some plays and other have stage performances. It is one of the hot spots for celebrity sightings in NYC because so many actors and actresses work here putting on dazzling performances every night. It is very common to see many celebs coming to see a show under the bright lights of Broadway. Especially when the grand premieres of the biggest shows.

14. Airports are obviously one of the top hot spots for celebrity sightings in NYC

Airports are rather obvious, because so many celebrities live in New York City. It is a common occurrence for celebrity sightings in NYC to happen while famous folks are landing and departing from, any one of the three airports of NYC – LaGuardia, JFK and Newark. You cannot camp out for celebrity sightings in NYC there because of the strict airport regulations, but pay attention while you’re walking through the crowded airports and it won’t be long before you see some celebs going through security lines just like the rest of us.