Home decor ideas for dog owners. Baby sitting beside the dog.

Home decor ideas for dog owners

If you are reading this you are either a dog owner or you want to become one. For us, the dog lovers, having a dog is one of the biggest blessings in life. There is no day that hard and blue which warm, furry welcome won’t fix. Dogs are much more than a pet, they are man’s best friend and a family member. Therefore, we want them to be happy and safe in our home. And if you can combine your sense of style and accommodate your four-legged friends, well that’s a cat’s whiskers. Or should I say a dog’s whiskers? Whether you are moving to a new home or renovating the old one, you probably want to adjust it to your little buddy. Let’s see some home decor ideas for dog owners that could inspire you.

Home decor ideas for dog owners. Mops lying on the couch.
Cover your bed and sofa with some washable covers.

On The Floor

Most of the people enjoy the beauty of the hardwood floor. And nobody can object that they are stunning. But keep in mind that hardwood scratches and dents more easily than other materials. You need to clean up puddles right away to keep it from staining or warping. Hard-surface flooring will keep your rooms in tip-top shape. The fact is that laminate floor, stone or ceramic tiles, and painted concrete might be easier to keep clean than carpet. These types of floors are also cooler, which is useful in hot weather. This is a very important advantage for pets with thick or long fur. This way they will not have to go to the bathroom or sit under the air conditioner to cool down. If you pick planks, after all, choose harder woods such as oak or mahogany. Try to stay away from softer woods such as pine and fir.

Home decor ideas for dog owners. A bichon lying on the floor.
Protect your slippery areas with rugs and fix them with the non-skid pad.

A good rug saves the day

Rugs are not just warm and cozy detail, they are also great protectors. Most noteworthy, by covering the high-traffic areas with rugs, you will protect your doggies against slipping, falling and getting hurt. Besides, rugs also protect the floors from claws and stains. Also, they offer pet

s comfy spots to snooze. If you pick shaggy rugs, they will become large playgrounds for both you and your furry friend. Although out of all home decor ideas for dog owners, this is the least practical one. From a dog owner’s point of view, the best rugs have patterns with a multitude of colors. They draw attention away from dirt, stains, and pet hair. All wool rugs do a great job of resisting stains, and you can find modern and very attractive nowadays.

Nobody moves!

Whichever rugging option you choose, there is one more thing you should do. Put a non-skid pad or double-sided tape beneath the rug. This is a great low-cost idea for your home improvement and your dogs’ safety. As a result, Fluffy and Atila can run safely through the house.

A Labrador by the window. Home decor ideas for dog owners.
Although they visit the groomer regularly, doggies still leave smudges on the walls.

Dirt Sanctuary

Imagine this scene, you and your four paws roommate are coming back from a long walk. Outside is very muddy since it was raining all day. While you are dreaming of a cup of hot tea, your dog is already in your living room rubbing against your precious new sofa and rug. Stay calm, there is a way to prevent this. Use your hallway or entrance space as a dirt sanctuary. This means you will keep pet wipes, mops and a brush here. Therefore, you will have a chance to clean and dry off your doggies before you enter your home.

Two brown dogs standing.
Keep the dog wipes, brush, and mops near your entrance door.

Home decor ideas for dog owners

If you are moving with your dogs, don’t forget to mention this when hiring professionals. Pet moving services NYC can help you move without a bark. And once your move is done, you will need some home decor ideas for dog owners. Don’t worry, we have a sleeve full of tricks.

  • Use semi gloss wall paint instead of flat-finish paint. The reason is that you can easily clean it. And even if your doggies go to the groomer regularly, they still leave smudges on the walls.
  • Are you ready for the best of all home decor ideas for dog owners? Here it comes. Match upholstery and rug to your pet’s fur color. Cover your sofa in a honey microfiber that matches your Labrador’s fur. Or get the white rugs that match your little Bichon. This isn’t just an aesthetic solution, it’s also a practical choice because the hair they leave behind won’t be as visible.
  • When picking the furniture, try use stain-resistant fabrics. Forget about the silk, chintz or the pet-hair magnet known as velvet. Instead, discover the joys of Crypton, a nearly indestructible synthetic fabric that’s resistant to stains, smells, bacteria, and muddy paws.
  • Put washable covers on your bed and sofa. This way your furry buddy can enjoy his nap, and you can just remove and wash those covers. Sheet or old blankets can do a trick too.
Little white dog lying on the floor.
Give them a treat and surround them with their favorite toys, so they can adjust to a new home.

Tails don’t lie

At the end of the day, we just our dogs to be happy. Hence, let’s try to make our home safe and cozy for them. Once the move and a post move clean up are done, take some time for details. Doggies need to adjust to a new home too. Find a new place for their beds or cushions, and surround them with their favorite toys. You can always use a treat to speed up the process. And remember, the most important thing for them is that you are there.

Stay Pawsitive

Moving with pets is almost as complicated as moving with children. And if you have both, you’re my hero. Also, you will need all the help you can get. Consider hiring professional Clinton moving company, save your time, money and nerves. Help your doggies to get used to a new place. Don’t doubt that they will do the same for you. And don’t worry, everything will be pawesome.