Guide to storing vehicles long-term

Help is always most welcome when one is moving. Moving takes time and nerves, nerves of steel. There are a lot of things that you should think about. Some of those things are your vehicles. Let us present you a guide for storing vehicles long-term.

Choose a moving company

In the process of moving, help can come from different sources. You can get money from the bank, from your friends you can get emotional support. But when it comes to physical support and moving things like furniture, vehicles or even a piano, we are there for you!

If you are going to move to Manhattan, piano movers NYC is the best choice you can make. Why? Because our movers are highly trained and skilled for such a delicate move. When it comes to moving a vehicle or a piano, we are offering you our services that will include relocation to the exact address and into your home. If you don’t have where to put your vehicle when you are going through the move or the season, we are here for you and our service that includes storing vehicles long-term.

The best help in storing vehicles long-term

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Tips for storing vehicles long-term

When you are moving long-distance you should be aware of your budget and the costs that you can bear. Does the question of what to do with your assets like the vehicle remain? The answer stands in front of you. Our company will get you the offer for storage that you can not refuse. Contact us and we will take your vehicle for storing vehicles long-term.

-cargo units
The best way to protect the vehicle is to store it.

How storing vehicle long-term works

Before storing vehicles long-term, the important thing is to prepare the vehicle in the right way. Pay attention to:

  • Tires
  • Check and change the oil
  • Gas
  • Clean it inside and outside
  • Wax it
  • Inspect the interior of the vehicle


By checking the tires you will be sure that your vehicle is ready for long-term vehicle storage. If your tires can be taken down without the rims, take them down. Then pack them vertically, one beside the other. Cover them with polyvinyl bags. Once a month you will have to roll them forward and backward. This is done because you don’t want them to be deformed. If they can not be separated from the rims, you must make sure that the pressure in the tires is a little above the recommended. So they can while storing leaks a little bit.

Check and change the oil

Before storing vehicles long-term you need to check on oil. If you have oil in your vehicle fill it to the top. The best thing for your vehicle will be to change the oil completely. Fill it with new oil. Your vehicle will be thankful. That is done because in winter conditions all the machinery must be filled and greased.

-woman mehanic
Check the oil before putting the vehicle in storage long-term.


If you are storing vehicles long-term outside, we can suggest that you keep it wrapped with blankets and sheets. Protect it. Also, leak the gas out. You don’t want to gas to freeze in winter. We can advise to store it inside and that would be the best. If you store it inside, fill it with gas, so you can once in two weeks, during winter, start it and maintain the battery.


Before storing vehicles long-term pay attention to cleaning. Cleaning your car is really important. The machinery needs to be clean of dirt, dust and all kind of filth before storing. The interior of the vehicle needs to be also clean because you don’t want any leftovers of food on the floor. It can attract insects and in time it will start to smell unpleasant. We don’t want that.

Car wash - clean the car before storing vehicles long-term
Cleaning before storing vehicles long-term.


One of the tips for storing vehicles long-term that we like best. That is waxing the vehicle. Wax is good in order to protect him from the winter and all kinds of damage.

Inspect the vehicle for storing vehicles long-term

Another thing that is crucial for storing vehicles long-term is that you need to inspect it for possible insects, or moths. If that is the case, let it dry well from the inside, before you store it long-term. When it dries, apply something for extermination. Let it dry again. When you are completely sure there are no more insects and moths, you can begin by packing the vehicle.

Protect the vehicle

When you are done preparing the vehicle, you will have to pack it correctly so it can endure the winter. As we said, storing vehicles long-term can be done on the outside or inside. If you are going to store it inside the vehicle needs to be wrapped with blankets. Above the blankets come the polyvinyl sheets or bags. The wheels should be wrapped, too. You have to tighten up the sheets with ropes so you are sure that is safe for the winter. In the case of storing is inside is a much easier situation. The vehicle needs to be covered with sheets so it is safe from dust and insects, wrapped and ready for winter preserving.