Table with plates and meals

Guide for eating on moving day

To an inexperienced individual, the way you are eating on moving day might seem peripheral or even unimportant. We, on the other hand, beg to differ. Food is fuel for the body and mind. And the moving day will take a lot out of you, both physically and mentally. Besides sleeping well prior to the move, getting a bit of exercise if possible, it is also important to plan out your meals. Stuffing your face with take-outs will make you more thirsty and tired. All you’ll want to do is lay day and take your time to digest. This is a rather unfavorable scenario and we will show you how to avoid it with this simple guide. Following it will ensure that you are feeling energized, whilst keeping you healthy during this hectic period.

A plate filled with vegetables
This looks like a fine meal for a moving day. Or any day, for that matter. Let’s see what are your other options.

What kind of breakfast should you be eating on moving day?

Whenever breakfast is brought up as a subject, you will almost inevitably hear someone say that it is the most important meal of the day. We will not disagree with this claim. Especially when it’s moving day. You want to start your day on the right foot and consume something, easy, quick and nutritious. However, having that all of your pots and pans are already packed, chances are that the idea of making a quality breakfast sounds improbable. We beg to differ. Before your long distance movers NYC come knocking at your door, here are some breakfast options you can consider eating on moving day:

  • Oatmeal. The royalty of breakfasts. It takes little to no effort to make, it is packed will all kinds of good vitamins and nutrients, and you can adjust the taste to your liking. Simply take a bowl the night before, put some oatmeal, some berries, a chopped banana, some nuts, and coconut flakes, cover it with milk, and let it rest in the fridge. And, when you wake up, voilà! The breakfast almost made itself. You can also choose to cover it with plain orange juice. It is an acquired taste but ensures the biggest absorption of the iron contained within the oatmeal, due to the high level of vitamin C in oranges.
A bowl of oatmeal with some fruit
Oatmeal gives so much, yet requires so little to prepare.
  • Eggs, bacon, and toast. A breakfast for the champions. We’ll admit, this option will require a pan, but we deem it worth it. You can even make your toast in it, all with a little help of melted butter. If your body aches for a strong breakfast to keep it going throughout the day, we ensure you that this is the way to go.

What are your best lunch options?

This is probably the most challenging part of this whole undertaking. The best way to go about this meal is to prepare it in advance. Try your best to include meat and vegetables in any combination that comes to mind. Make the meal satiating, yet try to avoid overeating. You do want to avoid being ravenous, but eating so much it takes an effort to breathe is not a better solution. However, let us assume that it’s somehow too late for this meal prep action, that you have packed your whole kitchen, and you need to make do with what you have.

  • Mix vegetables with energy boosting dips. Besides helping you clear the fridge, it will boost your energy, make you feel full and ready to take on the relocation. Celery sticks, carrots, and cucumbers all go well hummus, tofu, or tuna dip. While your greens have loads of vitamins, those dips are packed with protein.
  • Sandwiches. Who doesn’t like sandwiches? After all, what’s not to love? You can literally put anything you like in between two pieces of bread, other than the soup of course, and call it a meal. Of course, we will strongly advise that you layer your bread with quality meat or another source of protein and fresh vegetables.
A nice looking sandwich
The Lord Earl of Sandwich would be proud to see this creation.
  • Pasta salads or salads heavy in legumes. These take minuscule amounts of time to prepare and are quite satiating. You can mix and match combinations that include chips, candy, and gummy bears. Just kidding. Of course, it would be best to top it with some meat and vegetables. No surprises there.

Are there any snacks on the menu?

But of course! The key here is to pick something small you can munch on while standing, but still receive all the needed energy. Your options include any kind of fruit you can get your hands on. You can combine them with peanut butter and add some calories for that boost. Protein and granola bars can be a good choice as well, just make sure that you choose something that consists of more than plane corn starch and sugar. You need protein and fiber. And let’s not forget the nuts. A small handful will be more than enough, so try not to overdo your snack. Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, you name it, it is very hard to make a mistake.

Various kinds of nuts
Not all eating on moving day needs to consist of vegetables and meat. Feel free to go nuts.

How should your dinner look like?

If you’ve followed our guide for eating on moving day diligently, we salute you. Although we strongly support healthy eating and being careful about the food you choose, there comes a time in everyone’s life when splurging is more than acceptable. This is that time. Pizza, lasagna or anything else your stomach and heart may crave is on the menu. After all, you have finished one of the more onerous ordeals. And if the people who provided Manhattan moving services have done their job efficiently and successfully, feel free to share a nice meal with them. It is a nice cause to celebrate. See what take-outs you have near you and go crazy with it. Allow yourself to have a positive and joyous beginning of a new chapter in your life.