Going away party ideas and tips 

Moving to a new home is or at least it should be a merry occasion. It usually means a step forward in life, or it may even be the final step towards one’s dream of having a home of their own. Whatever the reason may be, and even though it is something to look forward to, moving as a process can also be quite stressful. There are many things that you have to think about and plan about. Things such as hiring quality NYC movers and packers is one of them. Choosing a good moving date is another, and there is a whole lot of other things. Stress can easily become quite real unless you find a way to relax. One of the ways to do just this is to also plan a “going away party”.

selective focus photography of assorted-color balloons
Organizing a going away party is a great way to celebrate the start of your new life

That is why we have prepared a list of tips and ideas that can make the party planning go a lot easier, while at the same time making the party a sure success. So, when you do start planning your move, you can also plan the going away party along the way. Just one thing before we start – the point of the party is to enjoy it. The person that is moving away is the one that should also enjoy it. So, do not stress about it too much. The idea is to bring your close people together and go with a bang to your new home. Now that that is settled, let us begin.

Your friends and family can help you out a lot, but also celebrate with you

In stressful times we usually turn towards those people we hold dear. Moving can definitely be one of those times and thus you should not hesitate to call upon them. They can help you in a multitude of ways. For example, it is always a great idea to ask people you trust about moving company referrals. They have either hired them themselves, or they may know someone that can recommend a good moving company. Regarding the moving process itself, they can assist with packing or some other tasks. Though, to be honest, helping with packing is probably the most effective way that they can help you since this is where teamwork really becomes super important. Now, we are after all talking about planning a going away party.

Do not forget about snacks and drink on your going away party
Snacks are a must have on every party

Having your friends and family over to help out is a really beneficial thing for you. However, it is also a way of getting in the mood for saying goodbye. Such occasions are, no doubt, emotional, especially if you are moving another town, or even more so if you are moving over a longer distance. Them helping you pack and prepare for the move is something that can set up the mood and actually lighten up the atmosphere as it can be a way of coming to terms with what is about to happen. You have probably gathered in that apartment and celebrated different occasions. Memories were made there. If you are simply relocating locally, then this can be a 100% joyous occasion to say goodbye to that place.

You can organize your going away party in your new home

One of the bad things about moving away is that you leave something behind. Even if you are simply moving to a new apartment that is a couple of blocks away and you can still meet your friends and family regularly if you have gotten really comfortable with living there emotions can still be really strong. However, you can mitigate their impact by actually organizing the party in your new home instead of the old one. This is a great way to celebrate the fact that you are starting a new chapter in your life. Furthermore, since moving to a new place will always feel a bit strange, especially if you are living on your own, this is a way to warm that new place up.

So, having your loved ones come and have a party at the start of a new phase in your life can give you all the boost that you may potentially need to not feel as nostalgic. Having a sleepover can actually be the best way to do this. If people you invite are up for it, why not? And if they help you unpack even better. Now, of course, you do not have to call your family and friends to help you out. You can do the unpacking after your Point Pleasant movers have left (with your partners or roommate if you have them) and then get them to come over once you are done. Though this is not really a standard going away party, it is more a starting off party. The classification does not matter though, does it?

Think about giving a toast

Giving a toast some people see as something that comes up in only the more formal events. However, giving a toast is not so much about giving grand speeches. It is more about proclaiming your gratitude and wishes to someone or something. Going away part is a great chance to give a toast by summing up what has transpired in your soon to be ex apartment. It does not have to last too long. Simply acknowledge how important people close to you are to you. And if you are helping someone organize their own going away party then you can surprise them by dedicating them a toast.

group of people holding footed glasses
Moving away is a perfect chance to say how much people mean to you

Food and drinks

No party is complete without food and drinks. Depending on the composition of the group that will attend the party, you will have to prepare accordingly. The key thing here is to know that you do not have to go crazy with these. Having some snacks and a couple of types of drinks is more than enough. When buying supplies, just remember that someone will have to clean those up and if the moving day is tomorrow, that is not something that you may want to deal with for too long.