Fun things to do in Manhattan

Manhattan is the most densely populated of NYC’s 5 boroughs. A unique capital of the world, a widely recognizable symbol and a legendary skyline. Manhattan is Big Apple’s commercial, financial and cultural beating heart. This was always a hot piece of real estate, even in the time of native Lenape people, when the island was only used by the elite tribes. Today things are pretty much the same, except that Manhattan’s natural wealth has been turned into a concrete jungle, with a totally different kind of wealth. If you are looking to move here research Manhattan moving and storage companies. It’s important to hire local companies because they know how to navigate the “jungle”. Whatever the reason behind your Manhattan visit is, you need to check our list of fun things to do in Manhattan!

Fun things to do in Manhattan in one day!

Most people are just passing by and want to experience this amazing place for as little money as possible. It’s expensive to stay in NYC and visitors usually have a day or two. No worries, in this case, we have a short list of activities which will minimize the cost and maximize the NYC-experience and leave you with some breath-taking pictures.

Visit One world observatory

One world observatory is a great way to start your Manhattan experience. You will get the best 360-degree views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. It’s always difficult to imagine the bigger picture when you are on the ground level surrounded by towering skyscrapers. That’s why it is such a good idea to climb one of the tallest buildings in the western hemisphere and enjoy the view! Just imagine the amazing selfies you will have this experience, no filter required!

Fun things to do in Manhattan
The third story of the observatory offers stunning views of the legendary skyline

9/11 Memorial

Anyone can exactly recall what they were doing when 9/11 happened. This tragic event left a permanent mark on the world and a beautiful memorial in NYC. The display consists of twin towers footprints and the stunning reflection pulls filing them. The site includes  “Ground zero museum”, even though the memorial is free of charge and accessible at any time, you will have to pay for the museum.

Fun things to do in Manhattan
9/11 Memorial is free of charge.

Westfield World Trade Center

If you are looking to do some affordable shopping while in Manhattan, look no further than Westfield World Trade Center. You can easily spot it due to a giant white modern art sculpture in front of it, one of the most Instagrammable spots in NYC. The giant building offers almost 100 stores to choose from, but don’t get carried away! You don’t want to spend the whole day shopping inside, experience Manhattan while you can.

Central Park

The green lungs of NYC, Central Park is truly unique and easily recognizable around the world. When you’re looking for fun things to do in Manhattan, after moving with your family, this one is a must and best of all, it’s free! Also, this urban oasis will be a great break from the busy city streets. Keep walking to the lower portion of the park which contains a vintage carousel and lush natural spots like Sheep Meadow, the Hallett Nature Sanctuary, and the Pond.

Fun things to do in Manhattan
Central Park needs no introduction.


The world-wide known museum of modern art is a staple of any NYC visit! You cannot afford to miss MoMA, because this is your chance to see the most famous pieces by Van Gogh, Dali, Lichtenstein, and Warhol, right in front of you. Don’t forget to visit the museum’s amazing shop and have an unforgettable artsy shopping experience. MoMA is an eye-opening experience, one you will have a hard time to forget.

Times Square

For many Times Square is a culture shock or better say a shocking experience. This rather overwhelming square needs no special introduction. You will definitely experience a sensory overload even though this is a must on our list, you simply have to pass through and snap a picture for your social networks! Don’t forget to watch where you’re going, people tend to stare upwards in awe of the flashing lights, safety first!

Fun things to do in Manhattan
Times Square will definitely be a shock to your senses.

If you have more than a day…

Possibilities are limitless, you can spend a lifetime exploring NYC and it will always have something new to throw at you. Fun things to do in Manhattan can be separated into different categories, depending on your personal taste. Someone considers dinning more fun than clubbing. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Food tours
  • Manhattan clubs
  • Boat/bus sightseeing tours
  • Bike rentals in Central Park
  • Museum tours
  • Wine tours
  • Helicopter rides

We can write a book on all the attractions Manhattan has to offer, but that’s not the point. This is your adventure and you are the sole creator. It all falls down on you and what you like, we can only offer some guidance. One great piece of advice and a good starting point. Plan ahead every day of your trip, sightseeing, food, and transport, don’t go to bed before having a clear plan and a strategy! This way you will get the most out of your NYC experience and don’t forget to dress for the weather! Or maybe you are looking to pass the time while you wait for your NYC moving assistance? Even if you are new in town, you need to get out and explore, don’t delay it because you think you have plenty of time later.

Almost everyone in NYC is a tourist and you should embrace it as well. You don’t get so many opportunities in life to visit this legendary city, so make every second count and don’t forget your walking shoes! Fun things to do in Manhattan are all around you, just choose a direction and start walking.