A scary scene

Fun Halloween Activities in NYC To Explore

People know about numerous Halloween activities in NYC, and it seems every year they add something new. If you are one of those who love this holiday and enjoy it, you should visit or move to this city in fall. This part of the year is excellent for hiring NYC movers and packers, too. However, you cannot enjoy Halloween if you are not a child or have one. It would be best if you can take a child with you and visit fun activities together. If you do not have, be a kid for the night, that is the only advice we can give. There are few things that make Halloween activities in NYC different from other holidays.

  • It must be scary – you know that basically Halloween is a holiday when people think about deceased people;
  • Most of the activities have costumes parties, so this is the year when you can make a costume on your own;
  • If you like parties and bars, prepare yourself for theme parties, since they prepare them for particular topics and activities;
  • Children are used to sweets on this holiday – although grown-ups usually drink cocktails instead of candies;
  • Finally, the most fabulous Halloween activities in NYC are parties – you will be able to choose the most interesting for you or visit a couple of them during the night.

It is hard to make a list of the most attractive activities in NYC for this holiday. On the other hand, you will be able to visit places that are famous for scary and horror themes. On the other, you can carve pumpkins and have great fun doing it. It depends on you. Do not forget to bring with you a good mood and great company.

creepy things that are common part of Halloween activities in NYC
Creepy scenes are common during Halloween

There are great Halloween activities in NYC that include parades

We cannot imagine Halloween in NYC without a ceremony. Some of them are large and cover hundreds of performances and actors. TV stations broadcast the famous parade and make this holiday even more fabulous. It also makes this holiday enjoyable for the families that instead stay at home on holiday. These parades show how imaginative and creative people are and show famous brands in their original costumes.

Village Halloween Parade

It is hard to start with any of the activities in NYC on Halloween and skip this famous parade that is taking place here. Even the TV program includes this parade on Halloween. You will see tremendous and creative costumes and well-known brands and manufacturers in their original outfits. Most of them include skeletons, so do not afraid of them when they start to walk through the city. More information can find on their official site.

Halloween Parade

Although this is mostly for the children, there are no reasons to avoid it even if you are a grown-up person. Clinton’s moving company claim that people choose this part of the city because of the activities that include fun for the kids. If you visit this parade, you will be able to paint murals, carve pumpkins or have a costume party.

Carved pumpkins
This is great holiday for those who love to show creativity

Halloween activities in NYC include spending time in nature

Although Halloween is not suitable for spending time outside due to low temperatures, it leaves time for visiting national parks and zoos. Zoos in New York have a great program to show how this holiday could be fun. You can visit one of those parks with kids or go there alone. It has excellent options for adults, too. You will see how even the animals could be funny and attractive these days.

Boo at the Zoo

There are no funny activities in the world that don’t include animals and spending time in nature. In most cases, you can go to the zoo with your child, and they will have a great day. People in this zoo have made a whole month of entertaining activities. They include candy train, pirate islands and talking with the animals. The zoo is in the Bronx, known to great happenings for the children. Maybe this part of the year is an excellent time to hire the Bronx movers and move here.

Queens Botanical Garden’s

If you like Queens, you will love the botanical garden there. Queens movers recommend to their clients these attractive places, where nature connects with the city. When we talk about the activities, you will be able to carve pumpkins and enjoy in a great environment.

Halloween activities in NYC that include unusual types of fun

For people that like scary movies and theme parks, this holiday is a treasure. It seems that theme parks and fun parks compete which one will be more frightening. If you like these types of fun, you will enjoy them, whenever of the model you have chosen. Prepare your nerves and courage for them, and bring a smile with you.

Halloween Pumpkin Flotilla

It is amazing how people love to be creative and crazy when holidays come. Halloween is primarily one of those holidays when people become more creative than ever. Some people have made a festival where creatively carved pumpkins sail on boats. All happens in The Lake in Central Park. Not that scary as we used on, but still very interesting to see.

A witch and house
This is time of the year when creepy creatures appear.

Gravesend Inn Haunted

It looks like a House of fear in fun parks. The meaning of Halloween is that people like to be afraid. So houses and activities like these include creatures, creepy sounds, and scenes. The whole situation looks like the scariest horror movie, with creatures under masks. Thanks to technology, they have made such realistic details that it is hard to estimate if the aliens have haunted the hotel or not.

Asphalt Screams

Well, it is not quite a part of the Halloween activities in NYC, since it includes having fun on sport courts. However, if you are more into sporty activities, this is an excellent option for you. They offer dancing, different sports, all outdoors. If you like, you can come in costume and enjoy one of the greatest and most fun sports competitions they organize there.