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Fun group activities in NYC to look into

Living in a city as large and as known as New York comes with plenty of perks. After all, it is the center of the world that can offer you almost anything that you would want. However, finding fun group activities in NYC to look into can be a difficult thing to do. How come you may ask? Well, the variety of opportunities is immense in this legendary city. However, sometimes it can prove challenging to discover the special ones in the sea of opportunities. You may look at it in the same way that certain people look at shopping: sometimes a lot of choices is too much choice. Therefore, bear with us and find out what are the fun group activities in NYC that you can do. Surely you have not been aware of some of their’s existence so far. Stay with us and enjoy your free time!

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Ever dreamed of becoming a spy? Find out whether you have what it takes!

What are the best fun group activities in NYC that you should look into?

For the beginning, let’s take a general overview of fun group activities in NYC that await you after Manhattan moving company has relocated you to the Big Apple. Then, we are going to go into some more details about all of them.

Following are the most fun group activities in NYC:

  • The Wrecking Club
  • Spyscape
  • Beat The Bomb
  • Color Factory
  • Kick Axe Throwing

As you can see, no matter whether you are looking for an activity that is going to require you to focus your brain in puzzle-solving games or they may provide you with instant stress relief, fun group activities in NYC are easy to come by. Let’s take a look at why these rank so high!

The Wrecking Club is one of the most fun group activities in NYC

In the case that you are looking for some instant stress relief service and feel like a plain talk would not cut it for you, you are at the right place. The Wrecking Club offers you an ability to let go of your negative energy. Release your anger and feed on it! This is the place where The Dark Side will immerse you temporarily. And it feels good! As you keep on smashing things, you will feel the pain and frustration leave your body. After you are done, you will feel much relaxed than on your way in. Given the pace of living in this metropolis, The Wrecking Club is rudimentary, but a welcoming sight.

A man trying to destroy a guitar
Feel stressed? Why not smash something to feel better?


Haven’t you always wanted to find out more about spies and the things that they do? Living and operating in the shadows while spending your life on a knife’s edge must have been one of the things you have dreamed about at a certain point. Add to that plenty of spy and action movies like the ones about the world’s famous special agent Bond… James Bond… and you may feel like you’re going back in time. If you really want to find out more about the world of deceit, the Spyscape is the place to go to.

In essence, this is a world-famous museum that has a lot of spy gadgets on display. Furthermore, it contains a lot of spy-related stories. Therefore, if your group is interested to find out more about it, this may be the place to visit. Ultimately, there are different kinds of spy games that you can play. Test yourself after Manhattan moving services relocate you and find out whether you would make it in this world or not.

Beat the Bomb

If you are into more interactive fun group activities in NYC, you may look for an escape room game to play. There are plenty of those on offer nowadays in all parts of the city. Therefore, it does not play much of a role whether you are moving to Brooklyn or a different borough. However, we are today presenting you one that we liked in particular. This is Beat the Bomb.

As the name itself says, you are put in a situation where you have to complete a series of tasks before the bomb goes off. The game is divided into different levels that are situated in different rooms. As you solve tasks, you are allowed to proceed closer to the bomb. Ultimately, you will have to disarm it otherwise it will go off. Literally!

Color Factory

After having taken a look at destruction and mind games, now is the time to let your inner child get all creative. This is what the Color Factory can do for you.

While this may not be the place in which you are going to get all artsy and create your little piece of art, this is a place that may inspire you to do that at home. Here is where you would come to have fun and celebrate the power of colors. After all, the world in which we live in is not black and white nor is it grey. It is wonderful in its difference. The colors play a great role in making this place so unique.

One of the fun group activities in NYC is ax throwing
Learn to throw an ax and beat your friends score with Kickass Axe Throwing

Kick Axe Throwing

In the case that you have decided to move out of Staten Island and relocate to Brooklyn, you should know that Kick Axe Throwing can easily become your favorite pass-time venue. If you are looking for team-building events or for a place to spend some quality time with your friends, take Kick Axe Throwing into consideration. You will learn how to properly throw an ax without hurting anybody. At the same time, you will be able to compete with the rest of the players. Who knows, you may best them all!

Fun group activities in NYC – conclusion

Fun group activities in NYC should be easy to come by. Here, we have provided you with some of the places that we liked the most. Still, keep your options open. In such a large city there are always going to be the new stuff opening and new opportunities for fun emerging. Enjoy your life together with your friends!