Fun 4th of July events in NYC

Independence day is the national day of the USA and therefore one of the most important federal holidays. The US citizens celebrate it on the 4th of July, commemorating the day when thirteen American colonies were no longer subordinate to King George III, the monarch of Britain. Since the holiday falls in the middle of the summer, there are a lot of fun activities and 4th of July events in NYC. Some of the activities are not necessarily related to the holiday itself, but the summer. On the other hand, there are some specifically organized in honor of the holiday, so you can experience them only once a year. If you are thinking about moving to the Big Apple, call your NYC moving company and set up a date before the 4th of July.

Fireworks as a trademark for all 4th of July events in NYC

If you are moving to NYC using Chatham borrow movers or just visiting, you must not miss the fireworks. Actually, a lot of people from outside of the city are migrating to NYC, just for the sake of the show. Each year, the holiday is celebrated by launching the amazing firework, sponsored by the famous department store Macy’s. These fireworks are the nation’s largest celebration of Independence day. This show means launching more than 75000 to ignite the skies and make this the most memorable of all the 4th of July events in NYC. Live performances of the celebrities from the music business accompany this event. New Yorkers were able to see some big names so far, like Ricky Martin and Kelly Clarkson.

Fireworks in the sky the best of 4th of July events in NYC
Make sure not to miss the Macy’s fireworks as they are spectacular

Take the firework cruise

If you do not want to be one of the gazillion people on the street, make a reservation for the evening cruise. There are several offers you can consider. They all include food and beverages. But what is most important, you can freely watch the firework show from the water. It is definitely one of a kind experience. No need to say that people who usually make reservations are tourists and very few locals. One of the most popular cruises is definitely Evening Cruise by Circle Line. You can, of course, find many more offers that might fit your needs and your budget. If moving in hot weather is what you have to deal with these days, try arriving before the holiday, at least. That way you will be able to enjoy the 4th of July events in NYC.

Setting up a BBQ in the park can be one of the most fun 4th of July events in NYC

Many people hit the parks instead of the streets to celebrate Independence day. As you probably know there are numerous parks in New York, so choose the one you like best. You can bring food and make a picnic or you can grill a barbecue. If you want to spend this holiday surrounded by other people, then Central Park is your best choice. Independence day is one of the 3 days a year when you can grill in Central Park. The other two holidays when this is allowed are Memorial and Labor Day. If the heat is already too much without having to grill, you can always bring already cooked food with you. For those who like having a BBQ, please know that the use of propane gas is strictly prohibited. Also, you should definitely come a bit earlier to catch a good spot.

Meet and vegetables on the grill
Set up a barbecue in the park as it is allowed on Independence Day

Enjoy the view from the beach

If you just want to cool down before the fireworks show begins in the evening, you can always go to the beach. The best and preferred option is to go to Coney Island. You can drive there, or just take a subway. At the Coney Island beaches, you can enjoy the regular activities, but also visit Luna Park. Kids love it, so if you are going down there with a family, this is a must stop. One of the oldest traditions held on Coney Island beach is a famous hot dog eating contest at Nathan’s. It starts during the day and finishes around late afternoon, before the fireworks. Both men and women participate in this contest. Attending this event is free of charge, and there are many visitors. A lot of people name this hot dog eating contest as one of the most amusing 4th of July events in NYC.

People on the beach
If you are with kids, it is best to hit the beaches to cool down and relax

Go clubbing

Since the fireworks show lasts until around 10 PM, you still have time to visit some of the clubs afterward. There are a lot of parties happening on this day. This is, of course, entertainment mostly for the younger generations. But hey, we are not ageists here, so if you feel like partying, go for it. You might want to check out the nightlife in the Upper West Side, there are some great bars and clubs there. What is interesting is that these parties are not only organized on this day, but they last throughout the whole holiday week. Get your dancing shoes and hit the town!

Other fun activities you can do on the 4th of July in NYC

One of the things we would recommend is going to see Hamilton on Broadway. This is a musical that tells a story about Alexander Hamilton. He was one of the founding-fathers and nation’s first treasury secretary. He played a vital role in the American Revolution and helped in achieving independence from the British in the 18th century. If you are not that interested in seeing a play on this day, you can always go shopping. This is not something that is reserved for this holiday, but there are benefits to going shopping on the 4th of July. All the other people will be somewhere celebrating, so you can expect to avoid the usual crowds and shop until you drop.