Pub in Manhattan

Finest pubs in Manhattan to visit

NYC is a great place to have a drink. The sheer variety of places you can visit with your friends is staggering. You have restaurants that serve every possible type of food. And if that is not enough, you have places that force the boundary between pub and showplace. But, if you are feeling in a mood for old-school hangout in a pub, you best do some research. Pubs have always been and always will be popular. New ones are constantly popping up, and if you want to get a proper drink, you need to consult pub goers. Therefore, you should talk with people who helped you move. Rember, NYC movers and packers know best. Here is our pick of the finest pubs in Manhattan in which you can get a proper drink.

Some of the finest pubs in Manhattan

Hale and Hearty

Good, hardworking people of Manhattan know that if you want to get a good meal and a cold drink you come to Hale and Hearty. The pub proudly stands for more than 20 years and has become an NYC attraction. Their humble beginnings were all about providing warm, comfort foods to local workers at a reasonable price. Over the years the pub has expanded throughout Manhattan, but it still maintains its original recipe made from scratch using local ingredients. Ask around and you will see why a lot of people consider Hale and Hearty as one of the finest pubs in Manhattan.

Rumours Irish Pub

On 55th Street, 8 Avenue in November 2003 Rumours Irish pub opened its doors. Ever since then it has served wholesome Irish and American food complimented by quality beers. If you are hungry for a nice, juicy burger or you would like some shepherd’s pie, look no further. You can even watch a game on one of their huge HDTVs while you eat.

The Press Box Pub

You cannot talk about Irish pubs in Manhattan without mentioning the Press Box. For 30 years it has been a hotspot for people who know what an Irish pub is all about. Just ask top local movers NYC about it.  They will tell you that over its long period, the owners have improved the Press box and made it quite comfortable and cozy. Exposed brick, handcrafted mahogany woodwork, and a creative frontage all add to the experience. Furthermore, you can enjoy well made Irish food and watch a game on one of their plasma TVs and projection screens. There is even a private party room for the true sport loving groups.

The finest pubs in Manhattan must always have a decent burger.

Professor Thom’s

You know that owners value tradition and quality if they name their place after an NYC legend. Professor Jerry Thomas was a famous bartender and is considered the father of cocktail. The pub cherishes the memory of the great professor by having a 41-foot bar with a large selection of draft beers and quality drinks. And if that is not enough, you can catch a game with your friends on one of their 17LCD TVs or on their HD projector. Come on down and have a blast!

Off the Wagon

As every student that is close to Greenwich Village knows, Off the Wagon is a great place to grab a drink. Since it opened in 1998 it held a special place in every NYC resident that visited it. There is a substantial selection of 15 bottled and 14 draft beers for you to choose from. And if you want to go off the wagon (wink, wink) you can get a shot from a wide selection of quality spirits. If you get hungry, you can enjoy a Cheesesteak or some tater tots made in a professional kitchen that works until 4 am. And if you are a sports fan, worry not. Among other TVs, there is a huge 100″ so you don’t miss any part of the game.

A selection of spirits.
I’m getting a hangover just by looking at this.


Now, this is a bit different. For all you wine lovers out there, or ones that would like to be, this is the place to go. Located on Hudson Street in Hudson neighborhood is one of the finest pubs in Manhattan, Lelabar. If you are tired of burgers, beers, and sports, come here. An expert sommelier will not just give you a drink of wine. He will take you on a wine journey specially designed for your taste. Their goal is to help people taste and experience wine as it was meant to be experienced. You will realize why making wine is considered an art form, and you will see why drinking wine is one also. Whether you are a novice wine lower or an oenophile, this is the place to visit in Manhattan.

Drinking wine
Who knew that there was a right way to drink wine.


Keeping up with the different types of pubs, we come to Gottino. Now, this is as close as you can get to an “Italian pub”. Because, here you can enjoy some great, authentic Italian food. But, don’t let that fool you, this is not a traditional Italian restaurant. You come here if you want to have an Italian experience, not to eat Italian food. There are no reservations and there are instructions on which wine goes with which meal. This kind of experience is certainly not for everybody, but Gottino doesn’t try to be. They have their style and it working out fine for them. If you want something new and authentic, come here.

Fitzgerald’s Pub

Let us reel it back a bit. Fitzgerald’s Pub is a tried and true American/Irish pub. Founded in 1992 it preserves the authentic American/Irish pub experience that most NYC residents crave for. Burgers, beers, sports, Irish food, all are here. They showcase Champions league and international soccers matches, so if you are European this will be the sports pub for you. Furthermore, this will be a great way for you to experience the Big Apple. Come and see why people of NYC consider Fitzgerald’s as one of the finest pubs in Manhattan since its creation.