Ease your move with short distance moving guide

Moving can be stressful whether you are moving a few blocks away or across the country. It always needs a lot of preparation even if you are not going far from your old home. You can do it on your own or you can save yourself a lot of trouble and call some of the NYC movers and packers and let them conduct your moving. Check out this short distance moving guide, go step by step, and everything will be just fine. 

Make a plan

The first step would be making a plan. Write down a to-do list:

  • sort your belongings
  • buy packing supplies
  • pack your items
  • rent a moving van
  • hire Manhattan moving service (you do not want to do it all by yourself). This would be the first rule of a short distance moving guide, but if you have decided to do it on your own follow the guide and there will be no mistakes.
agenda and a pen
Always make a plan for a successful relocation.

Do you really need to move everything?

Moving is the best time to go through your stuff and decide if you really need all that stuff. If you haven’t been using certain items for more than a year it is clear that you do not need that. In that case, you can get rid of them, give them away, or store them for a while. It is the same thing with furniture. Check the condition of each of the items and calculate is it worth keeping and moving it. Then you should think about the measures. Measure the dimensions of all that furniture and see if they can pass through or need to be disassembled. Check if that furniture can pass through all doorways, hallways, corners. You should have in mind that you will have to pay for transporting all that plus if you need additional services like packing.

Time for packing

Once you have decided what will you move to your new home, you can start by preparing the proper tools and a lot of packing supplies. Things you are about to pack need to be cleaned properly before you start. You will need to disassemble some of the massive items. Before you start disassembling your big furniture pieces you’ll find it very useful to have their respective instruction manuals on hand.  Some of the items you can disassemble yourself but there are also the items that need a more professional approach. For packing, you should have some cardboard boxes, bubble bags, ropes, duct tape, scissors, moving blanket, and a dolly.

cardboard box
Prepare a lot of packing supplies.

When you have prepared your items for moving, you need to relocate them. For that, you can rent a moving van that suits your needs. Or simply call your movers to help you.

Short distance moving guide

A short distance move is a transition to a new start. Don’t stress about unnecessary things and follow this short distance moving guide to make your relocation and new start smooth and full of joy.