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Downsides of summertime moving in Tribeca, NYC

Summer is one of the people’s most favorite seasons and the reasons for this are numerous. From beautiful weather to vacation time. For kids, summer means no school and more than two months of school break. What can be better than this! And if by any chance you live in a city where you can hop on a bus or subway and go to the beach, it can’t go any better than that. Now, what if it turns out that you need to move? The reason being a new job offer, a long-distance relationship that you are taking to another level or something else. In case you really need to move in the summer, there are a few things you should know. We are sure your Tribeca movers will fill you in on this. Although there are good sides to this, there are many downsides to summertime moving as well.

High temperature as one of the downsides of summertime moving

High temperatures are great if you plan to spend your whole day at the beach. But if you need to prepare for the move, it is not so great. The stress associated with the move will make you sweat even without the sun, let alone during the heat. You can only imagine what the combination of stress and hard work in the summer will do to your body and your mind. But if the summer is the only time you can make this move work, then better be prepared. Schedule a moving date with your movers NJ and start with the preparations. Make sure you drink plenty of water-based fluids and wear breathable clothes. Also, wearing a hat and sunglasses will add to your protection, the same as some sunscreen for your skin. Everything you can do after the sundown, or when the heat is decreasing.

Thermometer showing high temperature which is one of the downsides of summertime moving
It can be quite difficult moving in the summer because of the heat

Summer is the season of vacations

While it is great that you can take some days off in order to move, you will not be able to use your vacation the way you wanted. The other thing about this is that your friends and family will also take a vacation during the summer. They might probably travel somewhere. This means saying goodbye to the help you might have expected from them. Especially if you planned on cleaning the old house after the move. Also, the employees at the moving companies will be using their days off too, so movers might find themselves understaffed at some points. What that will mean for you is less flexibility on the moving dates and potential longer wait for your things to arrive. You can either go with the flow and not stress about it or move the dates for early autumn if possible.

One of the biggest downsides of summertime moving is movers’ busy schedule

The summer is definitely the busiest season for moving companies. Due to the many good sides of the summer move, a lot of people choose exactly this season. It becomes very difficult to find a good company for the dates you have in mind, let alone some that could be flexible about them. If summer months are the only ones that you have an opportunity to move within, arm yourself with patience. Try and plan as much ahead as you can, so you can determine the exact date rather sooner than later. Start the quest for moving companies early enough. This way you can actually find someone who can fit in with your current needs and who you will be signing a moving contract with. The peak season is between May 15th and the end of August, so choose the dates wisely.

Man holding a tablet which is showing a busy schedule on the screen
Prepare for not being able to negotiate flexibility of dates due to moving companies having a very busy schedule in the summer

Summertime moving costs are higher than during other seasons

If you wonder why is this so, well, it is quite logical. Since the summer is the peak season and many demands and queries are coming from the potential customers, movers increase their rates. This helps in filtering the customers as some might give up after the quote provided. During slow seasons, you might even be able to negotiate a final price with some of the movers. During summer, there is no room for negotiation. If you drop out as you can’t afford it, someone else will take your place gladly. If you just must move during this period, count on the fact that you will need to spend more money and try to fit this into your moving budget. Money can very often cause stress and anxiety, but try and be practical about all this. If you must spend more on the moving, try cutting some other expenses.

Dollar bills splattered on the surface
Summertime move costs way more than during some other season

Find a way to fight the downsides of summertime moving

Now when you know all the facts about the bad sides of summertime moving, you’ll know how to cope with them. If you simply must pack your things and move to another city or a state during the busiest months, find a way to fight the system. If the temperatures are high, try and do all the moving activities in late afternoon or evening. In regards to the money, try and pack on your own, so you can save up on this cost at least. If there will be very few people to assist as they are all on vacation start very early with preparations. That way you will have enough time by the time moving date approaches. Be prepared to live without the furniture and other essentials for several days if needed. Do not panic, stay hydrated and organized, and you should be alright.