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Creative ideas for decorating your new home

So, you have moved to your new home? Good for you! However, you do not really like how it looks on a surface level. You want to change the feel of the house. To enter your house and really feel like you are in a new home. Therefore, we have created this article just for you! We will talk about the most creative ideas for decorating your new home. Give your new house a breath of fresh air with these ideas after waving goodbye to your Nomad Moving Company. We have consulted experts on the matter and they have given us their professional advice. So, let’s see what the experts have said!

Ideas for decorating your new home

Professional home decorators know how to highlight everything that is good in your home, and hide its flaws. Our expert home decorator, Stephen A Smith, has made a contribution to this article in the form of expert opinion.

Start with your front door

“Everyone should see and be able to imagine the feeling of stepping inside your home just by looking at the front door. The front door can really set the tone for the rest of the house” Stephen says. It will give the people visiting you a great first impression of the house. Paint the front door in any color you like and make sure it fits the rest of your house. If your house is predominantly wooden, then put a door with the wooden hue. If you have a lot of red in your house, as in red furniture or red paint, then you should paint the front door red. You can even buy paint online! “The most important thing is to get rid of that screen door, it is extremely outdated”. 

setting the tone of your front door is one of the best ideas for decorating your new home
Your front door should set the tone for the rest of the house

Stick to bright colors

You should always stick to bright colors. This is especially important in the foyer. It is great to avoid sudden and drastic changes in the color of your interior compared to your exterior. Moving long distance from your old home to the new one is drastic enough.

brightly colored foyer
Your foyer should have bright colors

“Having brightly colored walls such as white or beige will really have a refreshing feel when someone enters your house. You can also apply most decorations on brightly colored walls” says Stephen. In addition, painting the rooms that are connected to the foyer the same color will make it look more connected and natural. It will also give out a feeling that the room is larger than it actually is. If you want to change the color in the rooms connected to the foyer, make sure you do not make any drastic changes. A subtle change is okay as long as it does not make it look disconnected.

Arrange your furniture the right way

There are a couple of patterns you can use to make your living room really feel connected. It should be balanced and intimate.

There is the popular U shape. This is done when you place your chairs to face each other while your sofa makes up for the bottom of the imaginary U letter. And of course, put the coffee table in the middle. Another popular shape is the H shape. This is done when you place both of your chairs next to each other and facing the sofa with the coffee table in the middle. A common mistake people make is when they place the furniture so it hugs the walls. This will make the room feel and look smaller because there is no room behind the furniture. So, make sure to tell your NYC movers and packers to place the chairs as you projected everything in your house plan. You should also put a carpet of the right size in your living room. If you place your furniture in the middle of the room, make sure that the carpet is a few inches bigger than the edge of your furniture. This is one of the best ideas for decorating your new home and it will really tie the room together.

H pattern furniture
The H furniture pattern

Layer the lighting

An important thing to consider when decorating your house is the lighting. Lighting can really set the vibe of the room and make it feel just like you want it to. There are three types of lighting to consider when decorating your home. There is ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting is just as the name suggests. It sets the tone of the room and is considered to be the main source of light in the room.

Task lighting is used for an area that requires more lighting in order for the room to function properly. For example, you have a bar in your living room. Put task lighting to shine above the bar so you can see everything properly.

And the last type of lighting is accent lighting. This is mostly used to highlight a special area for artistic feel. This is where you should let your imagination run wild. Put a dim light underneath your artwork that is hanging on the wall. Having a good sense for lighting will help you here a lot because you will set everything up according to your style. And decorating your home should be a manifestation of your style.

Artwork on the walls

This is a big one. Artwork can really make a room feel more alive. Just make sure that the proportion of the artwork does not make the room feel disproportionate. Try to measure the picture and see which artwork should be placed on which wall.

To conclude

There are a plethora of more ideas for decorating the interior of your new home. The main idea is to be creative and do not be afraid to improvise. If you are feeling like it, make your garage into a living space. Put a TV on the wall instead of a table. The possibilities are endless. You just need to let your creative force run rampant!