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Common mistakes when friends help you move 

Are you relocating on a budget? If you do, you will need the all the help you can get. Your friends and family are your secret weapon for organizing your NYC relocation. They are here to help you organize the details of the move, consult you when decluttering and assist when organizing a garage sale. On the other hand, with friends around you don’t have to carry all those heavy furniture pieces unless you hire quality movers NYC. However, even with the friends and family around things can get complicated and messy. Follow our advise and avoid the most common mistakes when friends help you move.

Too emotional friends

Having your friends help with your relocation to NYC is great. If you don’t have much time to move, your friend’s help can be a blessing. On the other hand, there are possible downsides to your friends helping along the way.

It is very important to save as much as you can when moving on a budget. You will save quite a sum if you declutter your home before you start packing. The reason for that is simple. Most quality moving companies will offer you a free moving quote for your move. The company’s representative will access the amount of your moving cargo. After that, he will calculate the price depending on its weight. That is why it is important to get rid of all the items you don’t really need. When you do that you may need help from your girlfriends. They can help you go through your household items and divide everything.

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Let your friends help with organizing your relocation.

Keep in mind that decluttering is effective only when you really get rid of all the things you will never use again. To do that effectively, you will have to throw or give away some old items, clothes you don’t fit, even some items that may be dear to your heart. Going through your items can be emotional. That is why you should be aware that some of your friends can be too emotional when you decide to throw away the items that used to be important to you. You shouldn’t let your friends talk you out of getting rid of the items you really don’t have a use for any longer.

You should be a leader while organizing

Organizing your move can be quite a task. Having help from your friends will speed up the entire process. Your friends can help you find a reliable moving company while others find cheap packing supplies and all of it in one day. On the other hand, we all have a friend in a group that is a born leader. He may have the need to organize everybody and take the job off your hands. This is one of the common mistakes when friends help you move. You can avoid this situation if you divide all the tasks in advance. Consider talking to your friends and give them specific instructions. This way you will avoid having them arguing about who is in charge. A woman may have great organizational skills while men can help you protect your furniture for the move.

The move is not a party

Most of us have e-friends who is a life of the party. Having him around at a party is the best thing ever, but when organizing your move that can be a mistake. People getting together to help you move should be about making a party in the process. This is one of those mistakes when friends help you move that you should address before everybody arrives.

Your friends should know that they can party after the work is done not before.

You should let your party friends know that organizing a move takes time and effort. During your preparations, you have to follow your moving schedule to finish everything on time. They will more than willing to help if they know you will all throw a party after the job is complete.

Friends willing to do too much

Some of our friends may go to great lengths to help you relocate to NYC. If that is the case you can consider yourself a lucky person. On the other hand, having your friend do too much may be one of the mistakes when friends help you move. That is why it is important not to let your friends do everything. Make sure to divide their tasks in a way that suits their capacities. You won’t let your girlfriends carry heavy furniture pieces. The most important thing is for your friends to stay safe while helping you with the move. Also, your items should be carefully packed for transport.

couch and table - moving injuries are one of many mistakes when friends help you move
You shouldn’t let your friends do too much just because they are willing to. Divide the tasks so that women don’t carry heavy items.

You will avoid most of the moving complications if you give the specific task to each of your friends. This way you will avoid them hurting themselves in the process. The strong man can help you with tasks like moving a piano, while woman sorts out clothes and pack fragile pieces.

How to avoid mistakes when friends help you move?

The goal is to keep everyone safe while you relocate. Keep in mind that having your friends help with everything can be a mistake. In cases you have valuable and fragile items, consider hiring quality NYC movers. move safe with long distance movers NYC, and let them care of your most valuable items. Those items should be professionally packed for transport. Quality movers have the experience and experience in dealing with your belongings. They can pack everything with professional packing supplies and secure your belongings to the best possible standard.

You will avoid the most common moving mistakes when friends help you move if you:

  • Make sure everyone is safe
  • Use tools to help carry heavy pieces
  • Choose the tasks for each person
  • Have everyone work as a group