How to choose a good tenant for your rental in Manhattan

People are constantly moving and seeking to improve their living conditions. Therefore, you will never have trouble finding tenants. However, to choose a good tenant for your rental, first, you need to know how to look for them. And our NYC movers and packers are here to help you in that endeavor with a few tips.

Know what you’re looking for in a tenant

Finding a good tenant doesn’t begin after they handed you the rental application. Before you even consider looking for potential renters, you need to set certain criteria. When you’re doing this, it is of utmost importance to be realistic. Don’t set the standards too high. Otherwise, your rental can be vacant for a long time.

Choose a good tenant for your rental by interviewing them.
A good potential tenant will be open with you.

The first impression matters

Before potential tenants use Manhattan moving service to help them become your actual tenants, they will surely want to inspect the property. It is perfectly understandable. And it benefits both you and them. During the property showing, you will meet the potential occupant for the first time. Needless to say, the first impression speaks a lot about the person and will help you choose a good tenant for your rental. Here are some good signs that you’re dealing with prospective clients:

  • If someone is interested in the property you’re renting, they will show up on time.
  • They will be polite, respectful, and cooperative.
  • If they ask meaningful questions about the property, surroundings, weather they can decorate a rental apartment once they’ve moved in, etc. it’s a good indicator they intend to stay for a while.
  • They agree to fill a rental application.
  • Willing to authorize credit and background checks without objections.
  • They agree to follow your rules.

Contact employers to verify income

The next step is verifying that your potential tenant is financially secured. You certainly want the person who will be able to pay their rent and do so on time. A tenant should provide their employers contact on a rental application. After that, it is your job to get in touch with them and verify that the tenant is a long-term employee, as well as their monthly earnings. After you do this, you’ll know right away if they can afford to be your residents.

A good credit score is preferable, but shouldn’t be a defining factor

A tenant with a lower salary and a good credit score is often a better choice than one who earns more but is in debt. A good credit score is also a good sign that your potential resident will pay their rent on time.

You can choose a good tenant for your rental by checking if he had any prior convictions.
You can check someone’s criminal background in various courts.

Perform a background check

If your tenant has a problem with the law, it stands to reason that they will have a problem following your rules too. Take some time to do a thorough criminal background check. However, also keep in mind the severity of the crimes, their frequency, and relevance.

Contact previous landlords to find out more about the tenant and their behavior

They will give you a pretty good picture of what behavior to expect from your future resident. Contact at least two previous landlords (more, if possible), as it is a good way to verify the information.

Sometimes, you’ll have to make a tough choice

Lastly, it will often happen that more than a few applicants satisfy all of the above criteria. Which means you will have to make a selection. In this case, you can choose a good tenant for your rental by following your instincts. They often prove to be the best screening tool you have.