What not to wear on moving day

On moving day, you will experience tricky situations just as often as dangerous ones. Since moving day events are generally unpredictable, they can easily catch you unprepared and off guard. Although being 100% ready will take a lot of preparation, there are some things which you can easily take care of. For example, one detail that most home movers overlook pre-move is what not to wear on moving day. Understandably, most people overlook this part of moving preparations since they think it isn’t really important. However, there are many unfortunate events which can occur if you don’t wear the right clothing on moving day. Continue reading “What not to wear on moving day”

How to be a good neighbor on moving day

A rather obvious and inescapable part of moving is that you will be leaving your city, town, etc behind. This inevitably means that your neighborhood will also be now in the past, and new neighbors are to be expected in your new home (except if you are moving to a cabin in the middle of the woods. In that particular case – just be careful of the bears and get cable). Now, some of you might have experience with tightly knit communities, and for you, this is an obvious courtesy but for others, there is a fair question of why to be a good neighbor on moving day?

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Tips for cleaning while moving

If your wish is to move in the most efficient way possible and unpack quickly, you should make sure to clean your items on time. After all, the last thing that you should do is move with filthy items. There are many issues that a move such as this one can lead to. So, in order to help you prepare for the move in the best way possible, today we are going to talk about the tips for cleaning while moving. Most of the people would call this a common sense thing. However, even they will probably not be aware of what it really takes to prepare well for the move. So, bear with us today and get some quality tips for cleaning while moving even before you start planning the bulk of your relocation process. Continue reading “Tips for cleaning while moving”

Should you help your movers on a moving day?

On the moving day itself, paid professionals from a reputable moving company will arrive at your home and take all the furniture, heavy objects, small boxes, etc and load them into their truck. With your whole life packed, you will then continue with your own vehicle and small amounts of personal items. Now – the question is: “Should you help your movers on a moving day?”

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Tips for moving in the rain

Who doesn’t like a classic like Singing in the rain? Gene Kelly was right when he said: “What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again.” It is true – there is something fantastic and liberating in being out in the rain, letting the droplets fall on your face. However, you won’t be singing if you are just about to relocate to your new home, and there is a downpour outside. Nothing is exciting about moving in the rain.

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Guide for eating on moving day

To an inexperienced individual, the way you are eating on moving day might seem peripheral or even unimportant. We, on the other hand, beg to differ. Food is fuel for the body and mind. And the moving day will take a lot out of you, both physically and mentally. Besides sleeping well prior to the move, getting a bit of exercise if possible, it is also important to plan out your meals. Stuffing your face with take-outs will make you more thirsty and tired. All you’ll want to do is lay day and take your time to digest. This is a rather unfavorable scenario and we will show you how to avoid it with this simple guide. Following it will ensure that you are feeling energized, whilst keeping you healthy during this hectic period.

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How to pack instruments for relocation

Moving your home is an exciting time in your life! Unfortunately, it hits people who play a musical instrument a bit harder than the rest of us. Assuming you want to take your piece with you, you’re in for a lot of challenges. Take a look at our guide and you’ll be able to pack instruments for relocation safely and quickly.

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Things to do before movers arrive

How many times have you imagined your moving day? Have you always known what you’d be doing before movers arrive? Or did you not think about it at all? After all, there are so many other chores to take care of before movers arrive, that even imagining having free time before that sounds like a script for a science fiction movie. If that was the case with you, you should know that you are entirely true. There are so many things that you should make sure to take care of before movers arrive that can make your moving easier than you could possibly imagine. Therefore, bear with us and get ready for some interesting and quite useful tips on the subject. Hopefully, they are going to prove worthy once your moving day comes. Should you come up with different ideas of what to do, let us know in the comments.

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How to move in bad weather conditions

In a perfect scenario, you’ll be able to move your home exactly when you want and when you’re ready. Unfortunately, we rarely come across these ideal situations. In most cases, we’ll have to move on short notice or when our movers have an available date. This is why anyone can end up relocating their home in less than perfect conditions. Luckily, we’ve made this article to prepare you in case you have to move in bad weather. Once you read it, you’ll be prepared to tackle most of the terrible weather conditions that come your way on your moving day! Continue reading “How to move in bad weather conditions”

How to handle furniture disassembly

When you are in the process of a move there are numerous things, tips and tricks you ought to know so that your move can go without any unpredicted happenings. That is why we are here. To give you some pointers on one very relevant thing, furniture disassembly. If you want to move and you have some big couch, chair, bed or whatever, you need to disassemble it in order to move it easier and without any damage. Furniture disassembly is definitely a solution for any bigger move. Continue reading “How to handle furniture disassembly”