There are five boroughs that make up New York City: Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. Choosing which one you are going to move to can be a tricky thing to do. In order to make your decision, you will need to take various things into consideration: your budget, distance to your job, school availability, the general feel of a neighborhood, etc. All in all, you need to get well informed before you rent or purchase your new home. If you are going to move to Brooklyn, Bushwick is going to be just one of the neighborhoods that you will need to take a look at. We are going to try and provide you with information on what you should expect from a move to this neighborhood. Being one of the top Bushwick movers, we’ll let you know how Dynamic Movers NYC can facilitate your relocation.

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Street art is big here

What can you expect from Bushwick, NY?

Bushwick, NY is a Brooklyn neighborhood located in the heart of this borough. It is a working-class neighborhood that was established back in the 17th century by the Dutch settlers. Since then, the neighborhood changed. People started migrating more and more as time passed. Europeans used to be the dominant population. However, the 20th century saw a large influx of Hispanic immigrants who today represent the majority in this neighborhood. While it used to be an independent town, Bushwick is an integral part of the Brooklyn of today with various Brooklyn movers operating within its boundaries.

Living in Bushwick

Before moving to Bushwick, make sure to find out what the neighborhood has to offer. Being a large one with about 100,000 residents, Bushwick surely offers a lot.

Bushwick is an urban neighborhood with that kind of a feel. It is a very diverse community. While the majority of residents are Hispanic, there is a growing population of Caucasian and African-American living here. In terms of quality of life, it is important to point out that Bushwick offers a lot of places for outdoor activities. Indoor sports venues for yoga, gym, and CrossFit can be easily in the neighborhood. Party animals will be glad to know that the nightlife is booming.

When it comes to family values, one might say that Bushwick offers a lot of them for a working-class neighborhood. Most importantly, we need to point out the high quality of public schools. While they are not world-class, they do offer local kids an opportunity to prepare for the real life that awaits them once they grow up. If you are a piano player looking to teach in Brooklyn, you may want to check out the local reliable piano movers NYC that can help you with your relocation.

Cycling is very popular in Bushwick
Cycling is very popular in Bushwick

The downsides to living in Bushwick

Being responsible Bushwick movers, we need to point out that there are certain aspects of living here that could use improvement.

First of all, the price of housing is pretty high. Simply put, given the average salary in Bushwick, we can say that housing is very unaffordable. Still, if you are a renter, there is one thing that can help you lower the price of your rent. There are certain rent-stabilized buildings in Bushwick. Such are the buildings that were built before 1974 and consist of six or more apartment units. The rent is regulated in such buildings. So, check whether yours is one of them. If it is, you may be able to lower your rent. Furthermore, you might be entitled to the rent refund. See, landlords sometimes try to conceal this fact from the renters. On such occasions, renters can demand cash back.

Secondly, crime represents a reality that Bushwick residents experience on a daily basis. While the government has been working on improving safety, Bushwick still is regarded as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. So, keep your eyes open if you agree to move here.

Why Dynamic Movers NYC should be your preferred Bushwick movers

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Trust is important when choosing a moving company for you

Reliability is crucial in the moving industry

No matter whether you are moving locally to the Bronx or long distance, you will want to work with reliable moving companies. The experience of our customers speaks for itself. You may decide to Google our company, visit a Yelp page or our comments section, it is up to you. In fact, we encourage you to do this. Get well informed on Bushwick movers and choose the best to hire. We are confident that at the end of the day, it is going to be us.

Make the best choice for you

Bushwick movers can help make your move a walk in the park. Or they can make it an experience to forget. Think it through well and choose the moving company that is going to deliver. Dynamic Movers NYC is the one to take into serious consideration.