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Best ways to start spring cleaning

Spring is fast approaching, and with it, time for a great spring cleaningIt is that time of the year to take your brooms and vacuum cleaners and face off against the dust and a mess that has been slowly creeping around the house. So how do you go around doing it? Are there any steps, tricks, and tips to help you out when you start spring cleaning? There are, and we are more than happy to provide them. But first, a little history.

History of spring cleaning – an ancient tradition

It might sound odd or hard to believe, but spring cleaning has been around ever since the Persian empire and is still practiced around the world in a variety of cultures. In North America, it has generally been reserved for the month of March in which it is possible to keep the windows open during cleaning off the dust, but still not working about flying pest moving into the house. Today, April, time around easter is more prominent, especially in Greek (orthodox) tradition.

Easter eggs
Today, it is usually reserved for a week before Easter.

What are the practical benefits? In these times, and to some extent today, houses were closed up to preserve inhabitants from cold of the dark, winter days. As the temperature rises during spring, it is a perfect opportunity for a house to take a breath of fresh air and for inhabitants to clean up all clutter around the house.

In this, times have not changed a lot.

Start spring cleaning with a list

Of course, you know your home by heart, and it might seem pretty unnecessary to take some kind of master list and categorize things you already know you have, but hear us out.

Make a checklist before you start spring cleaning
Use a checklist to start your spring cleaning.

Humans are, all in all, forgetful creatures, and prone to changing our mind. Having a list of things you ought to get rid of is good and will help you maintaining discipline when you reach some items you really want to keep, even if you, in reality, know that it’s just taking up space.

So, categorize. Go room by room and analyze what you see. Are you really using that guitar? Is that book trilogy you never really started just collecting dust? Do you still need the list of Harlem moving companies? Be honest with yourself.

Of course, not all clutter is to be simply thrown away. Consider storing them in a storage unit, or gifting them to a friend or to charity. Just because you don’t need it (or don’t need it right now) doesn’t mean its without use to you or somebody else.

Use your list to properly categorize what you intend to do with your items before you start spring cleaning.

Room by room – you are not in a hurry

Take your time. Start in a specific room and then move systematically through the house. Rushing through or jumping from one unfinished room to another will only provide the illusion of progress. There is no real reason to hurry up, even if you are trying to do things before the movers arrive or some other set time. Be thorough.

Don’t overdo it

This might sound contrary to the point we just addressed, but it is important to know when to stop. There is no point in turning spring cleaning into house renovation, or some kind of a stressful project. Yes, you should be thorough and careful, but you should just kick everything out.

You should especially be careful about having too much cleaning chemicals used. There is no real need for that. Simplicity is the key sometimes.

Ask for help!

When having to start spring cleaning, there is no point in not asking from help from friends and, especially, family. No matter what we do and how well we do it, be it a successful businessman in California, housekeeping in Miami, FL or being one of the most reliable NYC movers and packers, everybody in every activity sometimes needs help- housecleaning is not the exception.

people holding hands
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. More hands mean more work will be done more quickly. There are no real downsides.

If you live with a family, get them to help. It can be a real family activity and a memorable and fun one at that. Just play some music and off you go. Even children, who are often unwilling and unenthusiastic can be swayed over by some rewards you might offer for good behavior and performance.

If not, call on your friends (the ones good and trusted enough to go through your stuff). It can be just as fun of an experience and quality bonding time. Of course, be prepared to return the favor should any of them ask it.

Take it outside

As the weather gets better and the temperature higher, you have less reason to keep windows closed and (should you have one) backyard unattended. Clean windows from both sides and take care of your garden. Do you live in an apartment building with an accessible roof? How about organizing some cleanup action with your neighbors? There is no reason to think only about indoor activities when preparing to start spring cleanings.

Final words of advice

We are all creatures of habit. Good habits, however, have to be learned and practiced they can truly become our reality. Having Spring cleaning is an example of one such good habit.

Spring flowers
With every spring, there is a chance to refresh your home, and therefore, your life, and prepare for an awakening of nature.

With it, you synchronize with growth and revival of nature at the end of winter. You will feel more fresh, your home more welcoming and bond in your family or between your friends stronger and more tangible.

For this reason, do the steps we advised and start your cleaning. You will feel better and happier when it’s done, filled with a sense of accomplishment and novelty as you walk through clean, clutterless rooms.