ways to experience the Big Apple

Best ways to experience the Big Apple

Getting to know the New York City is an exciting thing to do! If you just moved to the city, there will be many ways to experience the Big Apple. In a city that is as multicultural as NYC, you will almost need a long to-do list before you start exploring. Here are few guidelines for having the best time in New York City after the move. Before you know it, you will feel like a true New Yorker.

There are many ways to experience the Big Apple…

Moving to the Big Apple is probably many people’s lifelong dream. However, after the moving day is over, you might not know where to start exploring the city. One of the best ways to experience the Big Apple is to get to know your neighborhood, meet the locals and New York culture. If you have never been to New York before, you will soon realize that this is the city that you can never get bored in.

online maps
Make a plan and start exploring the Big Apple!

If you decided to move to Big Apple, the best way of doing so is to hire a moving company. If Manhattan is the neighborhood you hope to move to, a good Upper East Side moving company can help. Hiring a reliable moving company will help you spend more time with your family and have time to plan your New York City sightseeing.

The way you should explore the city will depend on your lifestyle and your family situation. If you moved with your loved one or you are a parent of toddlers, spending an entire day outside might be a perfect choice. However, if you are a young professional moving to NYC for a job, you might want to consider all the fun options in the city. Take a look at all the ways to experience the Big Apple like a true New Yorker!

Lose the map (for a bit)

After your moving day is over, you might want to start online browsing for all the fun places to visit. This is a good idea since the city is so big you can easily lose yourself in the streets. However, one of the best ways to experience the Big Apple is to lose the map and explore the neighborhood one street at a time. You never know what interesting situation can happen to you and who you might end up a meeting. After all, the best way to know the city is to meet the local people and let some things happen spontaneously.

New York City is huge in size. It’s not a secret that even the most experienced New Yorkers don’t know the entire city like the back of their pocket. However, if you choose one neighborhood to explore, you could let your feet lead you and take a chance.

Get to know true New Yorkers

If you just moved to New York, you might be surprised how natural it will feel to live in this city. With so many different cultures and ethnicity, you will feel like there is always someone you can talk to. If you didn’t move to NYC with your family, making a few friends in the city can be very good for you. After all, local people will show you the best ways to experience the Big Apple.

If you are not sure how to meet local people in New York, here are few ideas:

  • Get outside and ask people for directions
  • Go online and find social events
  • Explore the NYC nightlife
  • Find online groups for New York newcomers

Spend an entire day in Central Park

The best part of living in New York City is that it has something for everyone. Whether you moved as a single person, with your friend or with an entire family, spending an entire day outside is always a good idea. And what better way to do it than to visit Central Park?

Central Park
Central Park is so big in size that you can spend an entire month in it and still have things left to see.

Central Park is the biggest green area in NYC, covering the surface of 778 acres. This park is so big in size that you can spend an entire month in it and still have things left to see. In order to make a good plan for a whole day outside, there are few things you can do in Central Park:

  • Visit the zoo
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Have a picnic with your family
  • Take up running
  • Enjoy the scenery in a local café

If you are moving with pets to NYC, you have chosen the right city! Your pet will feel more than welcomed in New York City. One of the best ways to experience the Big Apple is to meet the famous pet-friendly community. Take your little friend for a walk and you will see the true friendliness of New York locals.

Explore New York nightlife

In the end, you shouldn’t miss the trademark of the Big Apple – the nightlife! Whether you like a casual drink in the bar, a fine meal or a wild night in the club, New York City has it all. If you prefer having an amazing view of the city’s skyline, visit one of the best Manhattan rooftop bars.

NYC skyline
Visiting one of many Manhattan rooftop bars is the best way to enjoy the New York City skyline view!

If you decide to spend a night partying in New York City, you should have a few tips in mind. First of all, make sure to gather some people and never go out alone. Some neighborhoods are safer than others, but a company is always the most fun option. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep track of your money. NYC is known as the city where you can lose track of where you spend your money. Make a good plan and find the best ways to experience the Big Apple!