a street with cares representing best ways to commute in NYC

Best ways to commute in New York

Do you want to move to New York City? Then, you have to be prepared to deal with the craziness of New York transpiration system. There are too many people living there so the traffic jams are bound to happen. Unless you have the money to buy or rent a place close to your work, then you have to commute. However, even this is not an easy task to do in the city that never sleeps, unlike finding a good Manhattan moving service. For this reason, here are the best ways to commute in New York. 

Find a good moving company 

Before you need to find the best ways to commute in New York, you should hire a good moving company for your relocations. You will want to have the best possible service for your big move to the Big Apple. There are several ways how you can achieve this. First, you can search for moving companies on the Internet. You can try typing moving quotes NYC, and see what comes up. Then, read through reviews and comments to check their credentials. Only when you confirm they are not frauds, you can call them to schedule an appointment. Other ways of finding a good company include asking friends and family or reading through newspapers. When you finally relocate, then you can think about ways to commute in New York. 

a subway in Nwe york
Use the subway to commute

Use the subway 

You must have heard about the New York subway or at least saw it in the movies and tv shows. It is that famous. In addition to this, it is the largest subway system in the world. So, it is no wonder that is quite popular among residents of New York. It is a very efficient way of commuting to every part of the city. However, you cannot escape the crowds when you live in New York City. Sometimes you will not be able to board a train because it is too crowded. But for only $121 per month is a good way to save some money, since living in New York is quite expensive. If you bring a good book with you or your phone, they can keep you entertained while you wait for your train. 

Best ways to commute in New York – hail a cab 

Yet another famous symbol of New York – iconic yellow cabs. Various ways to commute in New York are immensely popular worldwide. Now that you are living in New York, you will have a chance to hail a yellow cab. There are over 14,000 cabs currently in service. It would be an amazing experience to drive in one for the first time. In addition to this, if you live next to a coworker, you can use a cab to carpool. It is an efficient way to save money because taking a cab every single cab is not cheap. It is certainly more expensive than taking the subway. So, it depends on your financial situation whether you want to drive in New York’s yellow cabs. To save money for cab fare, you can visit free NYC art exhibitions.

best ways to commute in New York - hail an yellow cab
Hail one of the iconic yellow cabs in New York

Ride a bike 

How to combine to be active and to commute at the same time? Get a bike! Bikes are the perfect solution for people who like to exercise and be active. In return, you will have more energy for your job or to study. However, you will have to plan your route carefully in order to be fast and safe. In addition to this, you can easily rent a bike if you do not have one. Usually, it is around $15 per month, which is $163 annually. This is the cheapest way to commute in New York so far. The option where you can get a bike would be to rent a City BikeBut if you live really far away or you do not have enough physical endurance the ride, maybe skip the bike. 

Best ways to commute in New York – take a bus 

There is nothing wrong with taking the old traditional bus. They get the job done – you will reach your destination in time. There is an advantage of taking a bus in New York. There are countless bus stops around the city, you will not have to walk far to find one. In addition to this, while riding on a bus, you can explore the city at the same time. Maybe you will find something interesting during your rides that are worth visiting later, like one of the top theatres in NYC. On top of all this, bus fares are quite cheap, for a standard bus, they are $2.75 and $6.50 for express buses. 

a woman sitting in a bus
Take a bus

Walking as a way to commute?

New York might not be the best way to go work on foot, but it can work in some cases. If you live close to your work or school, then you can take a walk. It is relaxing and good for your body, especially after a long day of sitting. All you need are a good pair of shoes and you are prepared for your walk. In addition to this, it is more effective to walk for an hour than to be stuck in traffic. 

Alternative ways to commute in New York 

If you do not like the ways for commuting listed above, you can find alternative ones. 

  • UberPool might be interesting for you 
  • If you own a skate, use it 
  • Roller skates can do the trick as well 
  • A car is also an option, just try not to get stuck in the traffic 

Best ways to commute in New York 

As you can see, there are many ways to commute in New York. The choice enterally depends on your personal preference. Pick something that you are the most comfortable with and that you can afford. Do not forget to enjoy your new life in New York and commuting should make it fun as well.