Best ways to commute in Manhattan. Manhattan skyline.

Best ways to commute in Manhattan

If you are one of the lucky ones moving to the Big Apple, you will experience a great change. Hiring experienced Soho movers will make your relocation easier. And being new in NYC, you are probably going to be scared to death of its commute. I admit, it seems scary. But that is a part of its jungle vibe. And don’t worry, you will get used to it faster than you think. In the fast city, you have to change your habits even faster in order to keep up with it. Before you notice, you will start using a subway and stealing cabs like a true New Yorker. Here are some tips to help you commute in Manhattan.

Best ways to commute in Manhattan, Manhattan skyline captured.
NYC traffic is different than anything you have ever seen.

Subway- Best Way to Commute in Manhattan

Taking a subway is definitely the best way for getting somewhere fast during peak commuter hours. For those who take the rails to the job and back every day, an unlimited monthly MetroCard is the savviest option. However, as you could probably imagine the most efficient way is often the most crowded one too. Although you may get to your subway stop on time, there is a chance you will be late anyway. In the morning, it may be necessary to wait for three or four trains to pass before you can board. And when it comes to the Holidays, commuting on Christmass Eve or Thanksgiving in Manhattan looks like an episode of Survivor. Hence, make sure to bring a book, your favorite new podcast and a lot of patience. If you skip these peak hours, the subway will be the fastest way for you to commute in Manhattan.

Best ways to commute in Manhattan . Subway interior captured.
Get a MetroCard and enjoy your subway ride.

Subway Facts

• Subway trains operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
• For the cost of a single ride when using a MetroCard, you can use the system citywide. You can transfer to other subway lines as many times as you need, as long as you don’t exit through a turnstile.
• You can transfer from local bus to subway or to another local bus within two hours of using your MetroCard. For people who combine several transportation types, this is the best way to commute in Manhattan.
• Subway stations on the same line are generally about eight to 10 blocks away from each other on local lines. On the other hand, the stops on express trains are usually farther apart.
• The subway doesn’t go to Staten Island. To get there, you should use the free Staten Island Ferry or take a bus.

Best ways to commute in Manhattan. NYC Grand Station interior.
New York City Grand Station.

Get a Cab

The iconic yellow cab is certainly a popular way to get around the city. These yellow taxis are the only vehicles that are allowed to pick up the passengers in response to a street hail across the entire city. They show their availability by illuminating the yellow light. But the catch is that you are never the only one looking for a cab in Manhattan. You will probably have to show some teeth to catch one. If you are too nice, you can easily end up walking to your destination.

Best ways to commute in Manhattan. Manhattan street with yellow cab riding.
If you want to catch a cab in Manhattan, you have to be persistent.

Sign up for UberPOOL

You probably already know that having a car in Manhattan is not really an option. It’s hard to decide which Manhattan neighborhoods are worst for parking. Therefore, Uber is a real lifesaver. For commuters in Manhattan, Uber has really cheap fares for anywhere below 125th Street. Prices start very low, not much more than a ride on the subway, and don’t raise much. Depending on where you’re going and how many time you have, UberPOOL may be one of the best options. If you are looking for a cheap ride and you are not in a hurry, Uber could be the best way for you to commute in Manhattan. Especially in the morning and late afternoon, Monday through Friday.

Best ways to commute in Manhattan. Manhattan street, people and cars.
Walking is the healthiest way to commute in Manhattan.

Rent a Citi Bike

If you love biking but don’t want to deal with the problem of storing the bike during office hours you should consider hopping aboard a Citi Bike. Getting the annual membership to the program is really affordable. Members get keys to unlock bikes at any station in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn or Jersey City. Also, your first 45 minutes on the bike are free. And if you want to beat the system, plan out your route so that you can change bicycles before you reach the 45-minute mark. If you keep switching bikes, you could probably ride all day for free.

Ride a Ferry

When you decide to visit Brooklyn or Staten Island from Manhattan you will have an opportunity to try a ferry.  It’s a less frequented, but probably more beautiful form of transportation. As a bonus, the city launches the New York City Ferry Service. Those new routes take commuters from Astoria, Long Island City, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, DUMBO, Red Hook, Sunset Park, and The Rockaways straight into Manhattan.

Ferry on the water, Manhattan behind.
If you want to go to Staten Island, take a ferry.

Buy a Good Pair of Sneakers

Luckily for the walking enthusiasts, New York City is one of the most walkable places in the world. Of course, this depends on where you’re going. If you want to feel like a true New Yorker put on your walking shoes and enjoy during the warm weather. And just remember, with all the sights Big Apple offers, no walk is too long. One hour each day will have an amazing effect on your health. Hence, walking is the healthiest way to commute in Manhattan.

Hop On a Bus

The New York Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) runs a fleet of almost 6000 buses in New York. It covers over 322 routes. So there is no doubt you will find a bus route to meet your needs. Buses in NYC are generally classified as local or express. Express routes have fewer stops and focus on serving routes from some of the busier areas of Manhattan to the outer boroughs. Buses only stop at marked stops, which are usually located two to three blocks apart. Depending on the traffic, this can be an efficient but sometimes slow way to commute in Manhattan.

A bust on a station.
New York has over 6000 buses with 322 routes.

Moving to Manhattan

Since you are now aware of the traffic in Manhattan, you probably understand that moving by yourself is not such a good idea. Even if you rent a moving truck, it will be very hard for you to commute and park in Manhattan. Especially if you don’t know the neighborhood. Hence, better leave this to the professionals. Skilled long distance movers NYC know the tricks on where and how to park and avoid traffic jams. You just sit back and enjoy the Manhattan.