Best sports bars in Manhattan to enjoy a game

Manhattan is a sports fan’s dream. From NYC Mets to Rangers, you have an abundance of sports teams to choose from and enjoy their games. And, since every game is more fun when enjoyed with other people, you should find a sports bar to suit your needs. But, what do you need to do in order to find the best sports bar? Well, here is some advice and our pick of the best sports bars in Manhattan for you to enjoy. Feel free to ask your experienced movers NYC to give you some advice. Remember, blue collar people usually are the best sports fans. Therefore they will give you the best tips.

How to pick a bar

Before you start checking out our best sports bars in Manhattan, you need to know what to look for in a bar. There are many different types of bars in NYC, and you should have no trouble with finding the one that is most suited for you. If you are an experienced sports fan, you probably already know what you need. But for those who are not yet sure, here is what you need to know.

No team? No way!

This one is for the people who have their team already picked. If you know who you are rooting for, don’t bother going to bars that don’t root the same. You need to be surrounded by people who root for the same team if you are going to properly enjoy the game. Celebrating together while having a drink is what sports bars are all about. Therefore, if you can’t have that, you might as well watch from home.

Sport team
You cannot enjoy a game if you are not in the right company.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks are not necessarily excellent in a sports bar. But, since you are spending time there, you might as well pick the bar that has the best food. Start by asking customers or the barmen for their recommendations. In good bars, there is a late night kitchen that works until late hours. For drinking, you should check out what other people are buying. In some bars, you can find craft beers and imported beers. Some sports bars try to have a better offer of foods and drinks, but they can be a bit more expensive. By going online, you can easily check out which ones are right for you.


The right atmosphere is vital if you are going to enjoy a game. Some bars are louder. While others are more open. Some are more oriented around foods and drinks. And some even have enough room for dancing. Figure out what you need and how much you willing to spend. You can also talk with your East Village movers. They are working class people who will tell you what sports bars to check out.

Some of the best sports bars in Manhattan

Even though there are over thirty sports bars in Manhattan for you to choose from, we feel that some stand out amongst others. Be it for the quality of service or the good reputation, when checking out the best sports bars in Manhattan you shouldn’t skip these.

The Three Monkeys

Often regarded as one of the greatest bars in midtown. And not just from sports fans. Although they do enjoy the 10+ TVs and a giant screen with all the sports packages. The Three Monkeys offers 36 different beers on draft. So, if you are a beer lover, you’ll have a blast when visiting The Three Monkeys. The home team is the New England Patriots.

Tel: 212-586 2080

Address: 236 West 54 Street Between Broadway and 8 Ave

The Grayson

When looking for the best sports bars in Manhattan, you gotta check out the Grayson. It is easily one of the best places to enjoy a game since it has over 45 HD TVs and 9 laser projectors. There is a big variety in food and drinks since the bar serves brunch, lunch, and dinner and offers over 40 different beers.

The best sports bars in Manhattan have a big variety of beers to offer you.

Tel: 212-510 8726

Address: 16 1st Ave

Bodega 88

Bodega 88 is an upcoming, fresh bar. It is fresh, exciting and well suited for people who want something a bit different from the standard sports bar scene. Here you’ll enjoy cocktails and delicious bites while watching your game. If you want to try something new, be sure to check out Bodega 88.

Tel: 212-799 1602

Address: 573 Columbus Ave between 87th and 88th street

District Tap House

If you really want to have a nice bite, you come to District Tap House. Cult chef Harrison Mosher will carefully prepare food that is sourced locally. What more could you ask for? The bar guarantees the freshest sustainable food possible. And to top it off, they provide you with a number of craft beers and a substantial wine list. If you want to enjoy a nice dinner while watching your game, this is the place to be.

Tel: 212-221 1822

Address: 246 West 36th Street

Smith Field Hall NYC

Here you will experience a bit of an old-school vibe of sports bars. Take a seat on at the 70-foot wooden bar and enjoy the rustic scenery and old paraphernalia strategically scattered around the bar. State of the art LED HD TVs will let you enjoy your games without having to change seats or sit at uncomfortable angles. They had a lot of time to figure out how to make their bar suited for true sports fans, and they certainly did.

Tel: 212-929 9677

Address: 138 West 25th Street

American football
There is no substitute for watching a game in a true sports bar.

Offside Tavern

If you are looking for a variety of experience, come here. Sometimes you want to hang out with a friend that doesn’t really like sports, and you want to catch a game while hanging out. Take him here. You will easily enjoy a game, while there is Mario Kart, Stand up Comedy, and Live Music for your friend to enjoy.

Tel: 917-388 3956

Address: 137 West 14th Street