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Best sports bars in Brooklyn

Getting to know what awaits you in a new city that you’re moving to should be your first step in the relocation process. There are various things to look out for. Obviously, you should inspect your employment options first. Then, move on to other aspects of living in that city. For example, if you are moving with a family, you should find out what family amenities exist in that city. Depending on the age of your kids, you might be looking into kindergarten options or the quality of primary and secondary schools. And then, there are fun things that you can do in your spare time. You might be interested to know what are the best sports bars in Brooklyn, the top restaurants in Manhattan or the best professional sports team in the whole of NY. Now, let’s find out more about the best sports bars in Brooklyn.

The best sports bars in Brooklyn will play football any time they can
Football is a sport that all top sports bars will play

The best sports bars in Brooklyn

For the beginning, let’s take an overview of the best sports bars in Brooklyn. Then, we are going to take a closer look at each one of them. After all, get well prepared before you choose your new home and hire local movers NYC to relocate you. You will want to be close to some of the favorite places Brooklyn has to offer.

In our opinion, the best sports bars n Brooklyn are the following:

  • Union Grounds
  • Clara’s
  • Brooklyn Tap House
  • O’Keef’s Bar and Grill
  • Rhythm and Booze

Now that we have got them listed, let’s find out more about each one of them.

Union Grounds is one of the best sports bars in Brooklyn

Union Grounds is a local sports bar that got its name after a baseball park which was built in 1862 in Williamsburg and tore down even before the turn of the century. This wonderful place is settled in a building in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill area on Smith Street. They have a variety of food available on the menu. However, the main reason why Union Grounds is kept in such high regard is the fact that the selection of sports channels that you can watch here is pretty large. No matter whether you are into baseball, basketball, ice hockey or soccer, you will be able to find your fix here. Not only will you be able to follow national sporting leagues, but top European soccer leagues are available here as well.

In the case that you might need help with making sure that you move in the right time to be able to establish your spot in this bar, make sure to get in touch with reliable moving services NYC. They can help you relocate with ease.


Clara’s is the only sports bar in Bushwick. While this may sound somewhat anticlimactic, it does not need to be that way. The sheer fact that this is the only such place in the neighborhood means that, when the game is on, the place is going to be packed. Therefore, you can expect the atmosphere to be at the top level as well. 

Image if ice skates
Hockey is one of the professional sports that you can watch in the local sports bar

In the case that you are looking for a fun place to go to on a weekday when there is no sporting event on, Clara’s should still be one of your top choices. There are food and drinks on offer and occasional burlesque shows as well.

Brooklyn Tap House

Brooklyn Tap House entirely lives up to its name. For sports lovers who are beer lovers as well, you will be glad to know that this place serves as many as 44 beers on tap. If you prefer it in a bottle, there are 20 more that you can choose from. Add a traditional bar menu with vegetarian options into the mix and you are in for a great night.

When it comes to sports, four large projectors and 20 TV sets are there to make sure that you do not miss a second of the game you are watching. Or any other for that matter… In the case that you are moving to Brooklyn from the Bronx, get in touch with the trustworthy Bronx movers to move in no time. This place is famous outside of Brooklyn.

Baseball ball
Watching baseball is always more fun in a group.

O’Keef’s Bar and Grill

With 40 years of experience under its belt, O’Keef’s Bar and Grill surely knows what it takes to please a customer, both the regular one and the one who is about to move long distance to Brooklyn. They have a large selection of draft beers. Also, there is a mix with various cocktail options too. So, these will ensure that you can find a drink according to your taste. If you are hungry, burgers and sandwiches are something that can help you feel better. With plenty of TVs up on their walls, you will have no trouble following the game of your choice.

Rhythm and Booze

With a characteristic name, few would think of this bar as a sports fan’s favorite. However, the truth couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sure, in essence, this is a local bar and a restaurant. Its location is in the bordering area between Park Slope and Prospect Park. Still, watching a sports game there is nothing out of the ordinary. To make the situation even better, you should know that Rythm and Booze have a kids’ menu as well. So, in the case that your kid is starting to enter its teenage years, this is a perfect place to take him to see a game.

Spend as much time with your kids while you can. They grow quickly and you would not want to miss on any kind of experience. Therefore, if you are looking to keep the bond tight, enhancing it in Ryhtm and Booze is the right path to follow.