Best NYC theme bars to explore

Best NYC theme bars to explore

You cannot be bored in NYC. It’s simply not possible. Besides all the outdoor activities in parks, sports events, concerts, and performances, you have a ton of different theaters, cinemas, restaurants and yes, even bars to check out. The biggest problem for people living in NYC is how to find enough time to do something. Between the extremely competitive work environment and, sometimes, hellish public transportation, you barely have any time left for social activities. Therefore, when you do actually find time to go out and hang, you best spend it wisely. Simply going to your nearest bar is a coin toss at best. You can never be sure what it is going be like if you do not do any research. Well, we are here give you some of the best NYC theme bars for you to explore.

Some of the best NYC theme bars

Skinny Dennis

Let’s start off with a honky-tonk bar in the middle of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Skinny Dennis is named after country music legend Skinny Dennis Sanches. Therefore you know that they take their music playlist seriously. And, to help you enjoy the well-chosen tunes, they offer 18 beers of the draft, signature cocktails, and the famous Willie’s frozen coffee. Ever since Skinny Dennis has opened in 2013 it hosted many live country music events, so be sure to follow them online in order not to miss the next one. They are open 7 nights a week, so whenever you have the time, be sure to check them out.

Country player
Every country fan in NYC knows where the best bar is.

Otto’s shrunken head

The story goes that long time ago, in the year of 2002, a group of brave adventurers got together to decide the fate of NYC. Because of their wisdom and clairvoyance, they managed to see what no one else in NYC was able to. That the city was severely lacking in decent tiki bars. And it truly was, ever since the great fall of the Hawaii Kai in Times Square and the demise of Trader Vic’s. They made a solemn vow that they will make a tiki oasis in the middle of NYC so that the good people will not have to suffer the lack of tiki any longer. And so Otto’s shrunken head was born. Mixing the traditional Tiki decor with a modern NYC vibe it provides its visitors a unique tiki experience that you have to witness in order to experience the Big Apple properly.

Hawaii girl
Every city needs a tiki bar. We know that, now.


Nowadays people of NYC enjoy alcoholic beverages regularly. They don’t shy away from drinking a nice cold one or having a Manhattan cocktail. But, it wasn’t always like that. In the more darker, dryer times of NYC, the prohibition was in force. A lot of thirsty people took off and tried to reach the then legendary land of legal alcohol, Cuba. And if that was not possible, they tried to make NYC into a place where people could at least see the hint of the Cuban alcohol dream. This is how the story of BlackTail began. Even today, BlackTail keeps its historical spirit. The owners also showcase the other part of the BlackTail’s theme that is all about aeronauts. It is truly a unique experience that only one of the best NYC theme bars can offer.

Gotham city lounge

This is the bar that the NYC deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So you will visit it. Because it can serve you ice cold drinks and delicious burgers. Because it is not a fancy bar. It is a silent guardian bar. Watchful provider of food and beverages. A dark knight…. ‘s preferred place for a casual night out. Therefore, if you are comic book fan, you’ve got to check this bar out. You can enjoy a lot of cool posters and high-quality figures scattered all around the bar. Talk with Ray and Lou, the owners, and find out all about the history of the bar or the state of today’s comics books.

Batman goes to the best NYC theme bars.
You know that a place is one of the best NYC theme bars if Batman goes there.

Death & Co

Ever since the 2006/07 New Year’s Eve, the Death & Co has been not just one of the best NYC theme bars, it has been a cocktail institution. Just ask your downtown Manhattan movers about it. They employ an incredible staff of professional bartenders and cocktail masters that will make your night out go to a completely different level. They are so good that they won The Best American Cocktail Bar and World’s Best Cocktail Manu from Tales of the Cocktail Spirited awards in 2010. But, be warned that they take themselves seriously and respect their customers. So, there are no reservations. It is entirely first to come, first served so you best hurry if you want to try some of the world’s best cocktails.

Beetle House

BOO! Scared? No? Do you want to be? Then go down to the Beetle House. Every fan of Halloween, horror, and Gothic dark music knows that the Beetle House is the place to go. Here you can enjoy a decor and atmosphere that is entirely suited for Gothic geeks that are in love with Tim Burton’s work. Enjoy yourself in a unique bar experience that none of the best NYC theme bars can provide. It is truly one of a kind and you should definitely check it out if you are the least bit intrigued by our description. Remember, in Beetle House, every day is Halloween!

If Halloween is your kind of holiday then this will be your kind of bar.

Trailer Park Lounge

Not to butcher the words of George Saint, but if all your exes live in Texas, you best hang your hat in NYC. And what better place to do so than Trailer Park Lounge. That’s what local movers NYC do! Whether you are craving for the outskirts of Memphis or Southern Florida, it doesn’t matter one bit. Come on down to chow down on some unique, white folk food and see the charm, yes, the charm of trailer park eating. Oh, you want to know about the decor? Well, we are kitschy and proud of it!