Benefits Of Hiring Full Moving Service

Moving to a new apartment or residential neighbourhood can be super stressful and awful if you have no help! But you can also get it done without breaking a sweat when you hire the services of moving companies. If you are looking to cheap moving companies nyc, you should read this article! We’ll also answer some of the common questions people ask, such as do movers’ pack for you?

Why you Need Movers

People move apartments for different reasons and this is unavoidable at different phases of people’s lives. Packing happens to be many people’s nightmare when it comes to moving, reason they go about asking is; do movers pack for you? The short answer is yes! But it also depends.

Movers or professional moving companies handle anything and everything associated with a move – but this entirely depends on the services you pay for. For instance, some moving charges do you cover movers packing and unpacking your luggage for you?

Since packing is time-consuming and a strenuous task, many people often desire movers who can pack for them. Luckily, you can have this when you hire the full services of a moving company. They handle typically everything on moving, including wrapping, unwrapping, securing, and offloading your items.

Professional movers also supply transportation materials to make moving easy for you. These include the trucks to move to your new residence, boxes for securing delicate properties, wrappers and paper, and many others.

The 5 Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Moving Company

Top services to expect from professional movers

While different moving companies have a myriad of services they render, you must go through their brochure before hiring. Some movers do not deal with packing and unpacking, so it is unsafe to assume that you will get these services regardless of how much you pay.

Moving companies also have regions and municipals they operate within and have a license for, so if you’re moving to another county, you should check if the company you want to hire has a license for it.  However, professional movers offer the following services;

  1. Provision of moving items – You most likely will not hire movers if you have a truck to convey your properties from one residence to another. And this is the topmost reason people hire moving companies. Asides from the vehicle to be used, professional movers also supply boxes, tapes, and others to adequately secure your properties.
  2. Packing and unpacking – These activities scare people the most when moving is concerned. But not to worry, professional movers offer their services to the details, including packing and unpacking.
  3. Loading and offloading – You need not bother yourself with loading your properties into the truck or offloading at your new home, movers handle this.
  4. Disassemble and reassemble home furniture into smaller bits – For ease of transporting your properties to your new home, some might be too big to move as a whole. Examples are large kitchen cabinets, tables and desks, wall frames, and others. When you pay for the full service of professional movers, they disassemble these items and reassemble them when they reach the destination.
  5. Transportation of belongings – This is a key service that movers render. They guarantee ease of transporting your belongings safely and securely.
  6. Waste disposal – Packing and unpacking can leave you with dirt you never imagine. Professional keepers dispose of boxes, papers, wraps, plastics, and other trash or leftovers.

What movers cannot pack for you?

Despite the detailed services that professional movers render, there are still certain things they will not do for you. This includes cash, jewelry, and food items – whether raw or frozen – it is best to transport such items in your vehicle.

Many professional movers will also not move items like chemicals, pesticides, gasoline, live plants, animals, large equipment, and ammunition. You might also need to find alternative ways of moving items like scuba tanks, batteries, and other prohibited items.

Before a moving company agrees to offer you their services,  they will tell you the conditions and you consent to them. Generally, the prohibition is to protect certain sensitive belongings from theft or getting missing during packing and unpacking. Also, very personal belongings are best left in the care of the owners. Ensure you get a comprehensive list of prohibited items from your movers before your pay for their services.

Cost of using Professional Movers

Generally, the cost of hiring movers varies from state to state, municipal to municipal. The services you require also determine the amount they charge you. While many movers charge hourly rates, some have comprehensive charges to cover the full services they render to you.

Some of the factors that may be considered before payment is finalised are done movers pack for you? How many movers do you need? How many properties or belongings do you have to move? What is the distance between the old and new residence? What types of packing materials do you require? And many others.

For full-service moving companies, you can budget between $40 – $60 per hour. The number of men required moving, the type of apartment you’re moving from and the size of your load, as well as the period of the year you decide to move, may all affect the pricing.

Just as you would normally do when hiring any other services, it is good to get estimates from two to three different movers and check which is better. Never forget to check their list of services and other terms and conditions, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Final Words

Packing and moving are time-consuming but can be faster when you use professional movers. Before movers arrive, you can do some clearings or prepare packing materials such as boxes to make the work faster. Ideally, moving companies send a representative to your house to access the belongings to have to move and give an estimate of the time it would take. They also take an inventory of your items, with your supervision, to guarantee their safety. We highly recommend that you include professional movers in your list before planning your next move.