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Apartment or house in NYC – what to choose?

NYC is expensive. That is just a fact. However, it is also filled with opportunities that keep drawing in people from near and far. Apart from that a lot of the people born in NYC tend to stay there. Whether you are a born New Yorker looking to separate from your family or an outsider just coming in, you will need a place to stay. That’s where the question of what to choose, an apartment or a house in NYC, comes in. So let us help you with that by listing all the pros and cons of both, so you can have an easier time making that choice.

The cost is something to consider when choosing an apartment or house in NYC

Starting off on our comparison list we have the price. With a city as large as NYC the price will obviously vary depending on the location. Renting a Manhattan condo will be far more expensive than renting a house in one of the outlying boroughs like Queens. However, as people who have considered renting or buying a home in NYC might tell you, house prices in NYC tend to be higher than apartment prices. This is only natural as a house will necessarily come with a few rooms, maybe even an extra floor. On the other hand, an apartment can be anything from a single room apartment to a several-bedroom apartment. This will influence most people deciding between an apartment or house in NYC, to choose the former.

Consider the maintenance costs when choosing an apartment or house in New York

One important thing people need to consider when deciding if an apartment or a house in NYC is right for them is maintenance. Moving professionals from the Manhattan moving service might tell you that apartments, in general, require less maintenance. First of all, as we mentioned they tend to be smaller than houses. This means a lesser surface area to clean. Also, as houses are free-standing, any outside damage will be only yours to pay. Anything from a leaking roof to a chipped façade will fall upon your own budget. With apartments, however, there is a whole building of people that can band together to cover such expenses.

A NYC building facade. Maintenance costs should be a factor when choosing an apartment or house in NYC
Apartments have the advantage of shared upkeep costs.

This point extends to more than just repairs. When living in a house, you will be taking care of its exterior too. Shoveling snow or trimming hedges will all be your chores. On the other hand, apartment owners or renters will have the homeowners association helping them with these. This will mean they will have more time to spend relaxing, which is becoming increasingly important. Especially for young professionals under stress trying to make it in the Big Apple.

Think about the commute

Another important point for most people will be how convenient of a commute their new home will offer. Even though there are many ways to commute in New York, the city is large enough to make it very impractical having a commute from one side to the other. This puts houses at a disadvantage with anyone working in downtown New York. Unless you are able to cash out a very serious sum, it is very likely that you won’t be able to find a house to fit your budget that is still a short commute from your place of work or study. Apartments, on the other hand, as we mentioned above, tend to be much cheaper. So, you might be able to rent one out relatively close to your work and save yourself some commute time.

People at the Grand Central station
Commute times should be considered when deciding on an apartment or house in NYC

Which one offers better security

Another thing people bring up in the debate between an apartment and a house in New York is the security. While you can equip a house with CCTV and alarms, apartments still tend to be more secure. First of all, some of the apartment buildings have security guards with rotating shifts. This means they will have someone monitoring the property around the clock, something you can hardly achieve with a house. On the other hand, even the apartment buildings that don’t have security guards still tend to be more secure. If nothing else, with so many people there, it is harder for anyone to go in and out unnoticed.

Where will you have more privacy

When it comes to privacy, hoses have a hands-down advantage there. It’s not even about comparing an apartment and a house in NYC, just houses, in general, tend to offer more privacy to their inhabitants. In an apartment you will be surrounded on all sides by neighbors that might be loud or bother you in various different ways. They also may be bothered by you, say throwing a party. On the other hand, living in a house will enable you to have your well-earned peace and quiet. It will also enable you to break that peace and quiet with a party whenever you feel like it. So, as far as privacy and freedom go, houses are well in the lead.

People sharing a drink
A point for houses is the fact that you are much freer

Apartment or house in NYC – what offers better parking

A final big difference when choosing an apartment or house in NYC is the parking options. The parking situation in NYC is tough, so much so that moving professionals sometimes get asked if the parking will be charged for in moving quotes NYC. While some apartment buildings might have internal parking, a lot of them don’t. However, most houses have a garage to come with. This means you’ll be able to always park at the same spot – the one closest to your home when living in a house. This bit of convenience should not be overlooked as families that rely on driving around a lot might find it game-changing.

Final thoughts

As we mentioned above, there are many factors to consider when choosing between an apartment or house in NYC. Some of them you may be able to influence, others you may not. It all boils down to weighing the pros and cons of your particular situation and then deciding which one would fit you better. After reading our article, we are sure that won’t be a challenge for you!