A guide on preparing a moving day list of chores

Finally, the big day is coming soon. But, don’t sit and wait for it. Prepare well until that day comes. Then you can sit back and wait. For good preparations, you will need to make a moving day list of chores. It sounds complicated when you are not experienced in moving, but we will help you make a moving day checklist of chores with our guide.

Find a safe partner in moving – first on the moving day list of chores

Moving is a difficult process and it can take some time of your life. But, do everything in your power to plan it well and to go through it without stress. Now, we are going to start explaining what a moving day list of chores should look like. Let’s say that you are planning to move to New York. Well, we can congratulate you, because you are going to make a move of your life. A game change. Then, let us advise you not to move on your own. There are companies that dedicated years of their work in order to relocate people.

The situation is like this, you need to move your darling pet with you. Not many moving companies can say that they can do that. One of the best help that you can find before moving your household and your pet is pet moving services NYC. We are the best moving company in New York that will help you with everything when it comes to moving. Our specialists are highly trained in all activities during the moving process. They will relocate you and your pet in the most delicate way.

-a cat in the box
The right moving company will take care while relocating your pet, otherwise, it can be stressful for him.

Packing comes first on a moving day list of chores

A moving company is very complicated for someone who is moving for the first time. You have your reasons if you want to move to Noho, New York, whether it is for business or for pleasure. But, before you start moving you need to pack your belongings in a proper way. Then your partners in moving have to be Noho movers, which will care for your belongings as it were their own. Our packing service serves our clients who don’t have time and money to waste. In the moving process, efficiency is very important.

What can your list of moving day chores look like

  • Inspect your belongings
  • Confirm the moving date with your moving company
  • Analyze your budget one more time
  • Organize refreshments for movers
  • Don’t forget to call the utility and announce a change of the address
  • Keep your documentation close
  • Take a good look at the house one more time

Inspect your belongings

Before the moving crew comes, you need to inspect your belongings one more time. There is a reason why inspection of belongings is at first place on the moving day list of chores. Check if you have some things that you don’t need and decide what you are going to do with them. The best thing you can do is to donate old furniture and old things to someone who needs it. Let’s say you are moving to Manhattan. Choose Manhattan movers which are the best movers in NYC and they will make moving a fairytale. Make it easier for them and get rid of all the things that you mean to get rid of. This will mean a lot for your budget because it will reduce the costs of moving. That way, you can save your money.

-moving day list of chores
The most important thing on a moving day list of chores is to leave the moving process to experts, so you can think about the rest.

Confirm the moving date with your moving company

Another important step on the moving day list of chores is to confirm the moving date with your moving company once again. When moving to New York, think about traffic jams and free parking spots. Therefore, contact the best movers in NYC and confirm the date. That way, you will be sure that your movers have your moving in their schedule.

Analyze your budget one more time

Well, you have put aside money for moving. Check with the moving company one more time. Send them your request and get a free estimate for your move. This way, you will know if you’ve planned the move in the right way. And you will have enough time for a small correction.

-girl with a piggy bank
Analyze your budget one more time and consult the moving experts in the moving company that you have chosen, they can help.

Organize refreshments for movers

When the movers come and start with packing your belongings, soon they will need some cold drinks or water to refresh. Don’t forget, it is hard work. You are paying for the service, but be human.

Don’t forget to call the utility and announce a change of the address

Next, contact the utilities and announce that you are about to move on to a new address. Tell them your new address so they can send you your bills. Transfer the bills on your name and start getting them in time for paying.

Keep your documentation close

You will need to keep your important personal documents close on moving day. This is because, for example, it can happen that your movers create noise while loading the truck and a policeman comes and asks you what is going on. You will need your ID and a contract with the moving company in that situation. Just be proactive and think about everything on this moving day list of tasks. Go through every step and you won’t make a mistake.

Take a good look at the house one more time

Don’t leave the house dirty. Take out the garbage and the things that you won’t be taking with you. Be responsible. Someone needs to move in there too. You wouldn’t like very much if you get in that kind of situation. Imagine that you are moving in with your things and you find your new home with dirty floors, windows and full of garbage. The former owner left it while he was moving out of the house. Not so pleasant? Be responsible and it will come back to you with good. And with that, you’re done with the moving day list of chores.