7 ideas for houseworming gifts to surprise new homeowners

7 ideas for housewarming gifts to surprise new homeowners

Whether you’re looking for a practical or a traditional gift, we can help you hunt for that special thing to decorate your friends’ new home. No matter what style they love, moving company east village has a list of 7 ideas for housewarming gifts to surprise new homeowners in their new apartment. This list by moving company East Village has personalized gift ideas and some popular choices as well. Either way, these housewarming gifts will be an attractive addition to any new house.

#1 out of 7 ideas for housewarming gifts: A unique wine rack

Having a beautiful wine cellar for all your favorite wine bottle collections is a luxury that a lot of people can’t afford after moving. Schedule an accurate moving quotes NYC to help you with your moving bills. Even some of the people who can, don’t want to construct a wine cellar because of the resources and space it would take. Nowadays, there are wine racks to store your wine collections around your home that look like art! This is one of the best 7 ideas for housewarming gifts you could buy the new homeowners! Let your friends or family put their fave wine bottles on display. Using wine as part of home decor is modern, stylish and fun-inviting! Choose a honeycomb-shaped or an Art Deco-styled one for a luxurious looking gift. Metallics are always-in-style, but wood is evergreen. Choices are, fortunately, endless!

Wine rack, perfect as one of 7 ideas for housewarming gifts
So if you buy your friends the next best thing, you could be giving them a part of that dream wine cellar.

#2: A retro electric kettle can update a home quickly!

Vintage-styled tea kettles are in! It may give the new homeowner’s kitchen a touch of the 1960’s aesthetic, but that’s so 2019! Retro is what’s fashionable right now. We can recommend the new Smeg KLF01 kettle range that fits right at home in any home! One of our 7 ideas for housewarming gifts is to mix the old with the new! This amazing looking piece of kit doesn’t just wow with looks, it packs a whole lot of heat and cool features. Let’s not forget to mention its innovative design elements that are hidden behind the retro looks.

  • The stainless steel build makes this a hardy apparatus, despite its elegant, retro design. The sturdy engineering of the inside means that you don’t lose out on modern practicalities. Smeg has a stainless steel limescale filter (perfect for hard water).
  • The kettle is also available in many beautiful colors so say goodbye to boring white plastic finishes! It will fit in with any kitchen color theme, but it doesn’t really have to. Make it stand out in cream, black, red, pastel blue, pastel green, polished steel or a beautiful pink!

#3 among our 7 ideas for housewarming gifts: A cute cheese board

The number three on our list of 7 ideas for housewarming gifts is great for your friends who’re always stuck hosting dinner parties. They must be the king or queen of reinventing in the kitchen! No matter what meal it is, cheese always ends up dominating the plate. Make it special with a beautiful cheese board. Wooden, marble, metallic, mirrored, made out of quartz, bronze… Not to mention the possible colors, handles or no handles option… A cute cheese platter can make a difference in a kitchen, no joke! If cheese and other dairy products make an indispensable part of your friends entertaining routine, you’ll make no mistake by investing in a beautiful cheese platter for them. It is a board which will put their love affair with cheese on display in the most fun way.

Cheese cutting board, wine, strawberries
Make them reign wine and cheese nights with a cute cheese platter that will quickly become their entertaining staple!

#4: a budget turn player is perfect as a housewarming gift

Vinyl is back and it’s not going anywhere this time. So whether you’re gifting the new homeowners their first turntable, or upgrading their existing record player, you won’t regret purchasing the Pro-Ject Primary E. The major vinyl comeback has seen cheap turntables flood the market. Many people have rushed and bought one of those all-in-one vinyl systems for less than $100. But, in reality, some of these turn players can damage your vinyl. Anything super-cheap is super tempting, but you are buying something that should last for many years. Now, this doesn’t mean that good sound has to come in thousands of dollars. The Pro-Ject Primary E has high quality and acute price, which is why it’s on our list of the best 7 ideas for housewarming gifts. It’s equipped with an entertaining sound, the set-up is easy and it’s the only shortcoming is the manual speed change.

#5 out of 7 ideas for housewarming gifts: Dirt Devil Gator Lithium Cordless Hand Vacuum

Every new home needs a hard-working vacuum! Which is what makes it one of the 7 most practical ideas for housewarming gifts. The Dirt Devil Gator Lithium has a 16V Lithium rechargeable battery and an easy to empty dirt cup that flips open with one push of a button. The new homeowners will never have to get in contact with dirt again.

#6: An interesting lighting fixture

If you are buying the new homeowners a fixture for the living room, the living area requires three types of lighting. You can opt for an accent light, task and ambient (overhead). The overhead is the most difficult to purchase for someone else, so we recommend going for an accent light. If you want to buy your friends an accent lamp, you are pretty much free to play with your present. You can go elegant, rustic, retro, give them a fun pop of color, or make it into a fun piece.

Two industrial styled pendant lamps
So, whether you go for an elegant table lamp for a traditional sconce styled light, the market is full of stylish living room lighting ideas to fit every need.

The most practical gift, one you could make no mistake with is a fixture that would illuminate a reading corner. In this case, you should definitely choose a metallic table lamp. Designers and amateur alike are obsessed with copper accessories. And Dynamic Movers NYC are as well! A simple metallic table lamp can be both elegant and edgy, blend into the design of the room or stand out. It depends on how the homeowners will use it.

Hands planting cactus garden in terracotta pots
Gift the new homeowners a miniature desert landscape and as sort yourself cacti and succulents in an elegant and eye-catching way for a personal and cute present.

#7: Cactus Dish Garden

Add a touch of the Southwest to any home decor with a special, personalized cactus dish garden. The very attractive plants with origins in North America, South America, and the West Indies, can live from 25 to as many as 300 years. The cactus dish garden needs hard soil and clay or dry redwood bark pots. Add a creative touch to the garden by embellishing the bowls with some striking American Indian-style drawings and symbols if you are crafty.